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October/November Athletes of the Month


Two of the Press’ staff writers, Brielle Stone and Cameron Delgado, sat down with fall sport athletes that Mr. Brusotti saw perform at an exceptional level. Highly decorated cross-country athlete Emma Zawatski and FTHS soccer captain Victor Torres both had some interesting things to share.

Emma Zawatski (Interviewed by Brielle Stone)

BS: Hey Emma, thank you so much for joining me today. I’ll start off with something simple, what’s your favorite part about XC?

EZ: My favorite part would be being with the team everyday and, you know, doing our stretches and just getting to hang out with them and laugh with them.

BS: Are you pursuing your sport in college?

EZ: Yes, I’m going to the University of Colorado.

BS: Congratulations! That’s amazing! Are you involved in XC outside of FTHS or do you just participate in school?

EZ: I just run for the school team.

BS: Let’s change things up a bit. If you had to choose, what is your favorite pre-race snack? 

EZ: I’ll usually have half a bagel and some eggs, and then right before the race, I’ll have a Honey Stinger waffle. 

BS: After you eat, what is your favorite pre-race song?

EZ: There’s a bunch of songs. My team and I have been into a sea shanty lately. It’s a chant, and we’ve currently obsessed. 

BS: Awesome. Sounds like we’re all done! Thanks for joining me!

EZ: Thank you for having me.

Here are some of Emma’s accomplishments from the season:

  • Monmouth County Champion (Team and Individual)
  • Shore Conference Champion (Team and Individual)
  • Central Jersey Group 4 Champion (Team and Individual)
  • Group 4 Champion (Team and Individual)
  • Meet of Champions Champion (Individual)
  • Runner of the Year in Shore Conference (Asbury Park

“Emma was once again the best runner in New Jersey this season, literally and figuratively leading her team to County, Conference and State Championships! She leads by example during all workouts and is supportive of all her teammates after each race!”

Victor Torres (Interviewed by Cameron Delgado)

CD: Hi Victor! Let’s start of simple. What position do you play?

VT: I play left wing.

CD: What puts that position above others?

VT: I like left wing because it’s an offensive position, and I get the ball a lot. Most of the times I can take on defenders one on one, which I really enjoy. What’s challenging about it is when you’re going up against a good defender, because you can be in for a rough time. 

CD: What do you like most about soccer?

VT: Probably my teammates, I love spending time with them. I just want every season to be as long as possible.

CD: I’m sure the playoffs and beyond is always the goal. What is one of your most memorable moments playing soccer?

VT: Last year, my junior year, we won the State Sectional against Monroe. It was a really big game, and it was really fun to play in.

CD: Is that your favorite game you’ve ever played?

VT: I would actually have to say it was a game against Brick Memorial, I had my first ever hat trick.

CD: I’m sure that’s very hard to achieve! Do you have a professional player/inspiration that got you into the sport?

VT: Neymar is my biggest inspiration.

CD: What do you like to do in the off-season?

VT: I play year-round because I play for a club team, and I really just like to train.

CD: I’m sure all that soccer is really beneficial. Let’s do some different questions. What is your favorite subject in school and why?

VT: I’m a big history guy. I love to just learn about it, it’s my favorite. It’s what I want to go to school for.

CD: I also like history, I remember winning a history award in middle school. 

VT: Nice!

CD: Thanks. What would you say is your favorite type of music?

VT: It’s basic, but I love Drake. Every song he drops is great.

CD: What is your favorite pre-game snack or meal?

VT: I love having a bagel before games, it’s usually my go-to.

CD: And here’s the last question I’m going to ask you. Do you have a favorite hobby outside of your sport?

VT: I play a lot of Fortnite.

CD: I’m more of a Roblox guy myself, but anyways, thank you for joining me! It was great interviewing you, and I wish you the best. 

VT: Thank you very much.

Here are some of Victor’s achievements for the season:

  • 7 Goals, 3 Assists (17 Points) in October
  • Scored both goals against Middletown North in a win against a Top 10 team.
  • Hat Trick vs. Pinelands and a goal in a game at Ocean City on State Cutoff Day

“Victor’s leadership provided a boost to the boys’ soccer team’s postseason push as they qualified for the semi-final of the Coaches Cup and earned the 11 seed in the loaded Central Jersey Group 4 Tournament.”

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