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Animals of the Week – The Argali & Himalayan Wolves

Violet and Ava begin their research of all different kinds of animals, including the amazing Argali and Himalayan Wolves!

Argali (Violet Matthews):

An Argali is the largest type of wild mountain sheep. They are usually found in Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, India, and Pakistan. There are around 4,200-4,500 living Argali today. Argali can weigh up to 300 pounds and can reach about 4 feet and yet for their large size, they are very docile! Their fur can be a range of colors including light yellow, reddish brown, and dark gray-brown. Their horns are larger in males than females and may take up to 13% of their body weight! Argali are herbivores and eat grasses, herbs, and sedges. 


Himalayan Wolves (Ava Stern):

Did you know that Himalayan wolves are also known as the Tibetan wolves? The Himalayan wolves eat Argali and any other animal, even ones bigger than themselves, that they can catch. The wolves are mainly survival-based animals, so they prey on sick or old animals. This allows the animals to catch large amounts of prey in small amounts of time. Tibetan wolves live in deserts in China, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Consequently, the animals have thick brown fur on their backs and tails to camouflage into their surroundings. Since they are an endangered species, this assists them to fill their population. Their face, stomach, and limbs however are a pale yellow color. The wolves usually weigh 80-120 pounds, are two feet tall, and six feet long. Himalayan wolves travel in packs and are loyal and protective of each other. Overall, Tibetan wolves are especially interesting to research because they have developed strategies to repopulate their species.


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Himalayan Wolves – Sources:


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