Primak Inducted into FTHS Alumni Hall of Fame


Leah Emmerich, Editor

On June 9th, 2015, former FTHS student, Jamie Primak Sullivan, was inducted into the FTHS Alumni Hall of Fame. She visited her old stomping grounds for her induction and to speak to the current marketing students about her success in the business realm.

Sullivan attended Freehold Township for all four of her high school years, and after graduation she attended Towson University. After receiving her diploma, she moved out to Los Angeles where she began her business, Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment.

Her business provides services for things such as restaurant/ night club openings, editorial services, media relations, marketing, etc. A couple years after getting her business up and running, she met her husband and moved with him to Birmingham, Alabama to start their family. This transition to the South earned her a show on Bravo called Jersey Belle. On her show, the viewers are shown her life and how she is assimilating to the southern culture.

While visiting FTHS, Sullivan reminisced on the days that she spent in high school. “The structure of the school is the same, but the atmosphere is very different.” She reflected. “It was much more laid back back then; there was no security at the door, and now I feel like there is a wall up between teachers and students which I didn’t have, and I feel like that is due to social media.”

Even though she noticed the differences between then and now, she still thought that her visit was amazing. “It’s very emotional,” She stated, taking in the moment. “I miss it a lot and I loved being here — I just didn’t know how to show it at the time.” She was wearing a small necklace that had a bedazzled outline of New Jersey, showcasing her love and appreciation for her home state.

She has some thoughtful advice for all the students that attend FTHS now: “It’s important to understand that your life here isn’t what it’s going to be like forever, but while you’re here you need to give it everything you got.”

Students can check out Sullivan’s Hall of Fame plaque– along with other distinguished alumni– by the main entrance closest to the auditorium.

Jamie’s show on Bravo already filmed one complete season, which you can watch here:

To learn more about her entertainment company visit their website: