Spitfire 2022 Performances

Justin Morgan (11th grade): Original poem – “You Have the Right to Remain Silent”


Jess Reed, Danielle Panton, Kayla Easton, Caroline Speck, Ryan Keegan (12th Grade): Nikki Giovanni’s “The Goldfish”


Jess Peleo, Hailey Dean, Ramesh Pimentel, Nicole Radchenko, Gianna Vaccaro, Andrew Mayer, Bobby O’Brien, Syndey Weintraub, Remi Greenberg, Brianna Kirsch, Christiana Kirsch, Bella Galvanek, Kelsey Gilroy (12th Grade): “Mixed Media” by Nikki Giovanni


Megan Chang and Nicole LoBocchiaro: Dance routine to Sam Smith’s “Pray”



Olivia Lehman (10th grade)- Color Guard piece to Phoebe Bridgers “ICU”


Paige Wehner (12th grade): Phebe’s monologue from As You Like It 


Aiden Matt (11th grade): Original speech called  “I Don’t Have Enough Time”


Milian Ingco and Soniyah Panjwani (12th grade): Original Poem — “You”


Ava Dohan (10th grade): Original poem- “Generation Me”


Piper Doherty (11th grade): “When we were young” by Adele


Jeremy “J Money” Kutler (11th grade): un-named rap song


Sahil Maher, Ethan Kaufman, and Max Butkovic (11th grade): “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke


Mercury Catanzarite (9th grade): original poem-“An Ode to Myselves”


Lia Polisano (10th grade)- The Breakup Song by Francesca Battistelli


Grant Feldman (9th grade): “Worst Day Ever” by Chanie Gorkin


Kai Kochneva (12th grade)– original poem “The Time That’s Been Shared”


Bobby O’Brien (12th grade): “To be or not to be” speech from Hamlet by Shakespeare


Maia Warren (9th grade): “Freeze Your Brain” from Heathers: The Musical