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Animals of the Week – Gray Triggerfish & Amberjack Fish

Violet and Ava are back, and this time, they’re venturing into the deep blue!

Gray Triggerfish:

Fun fact: Gray triggerfish have teeth! Gray triggerfish or Balistes capriscus are fish with sharp teeth that they use to eat invertebrates. This is because of their small mouths and serrated teeth, which fit in line with other sea creatures, such as crabs, sea urchins, shrimp, sand dollars, lobsters, and mollusks.  Gray triggerfish live in reefs, on edge, or at the bottom of the ocean. They can be found in the western Atlantic Ocean! They are usually found alone or in a small school. Gray triggerfish are generally gray but have green overtones to their gray color. Their dorsal fins range from a dark purple to a blue color. These colorful fish can grow up to about 30 inches in length, weigh up to 13 pounds, and live for up to 16 years! Gray triggerfish fall prey to many animals such as amberjacks, groupers, and sharks when the fish become adults. Tuna, dolphinfish, marlin, sailfish, and shark prey on juvenile triggerfish. Triggerfish are amazing, versatile creatures that are vital to their ecosystem. 


Amberjack Fish:

Did you know that Amberjack fish are often found in tacos, sushi, and other foods? Amberjack fish are massive sea creatures living in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They are six feet long and are usually forty-200 pounds. The fish can live up to seventeen years and are blue, white, and silver, with an amber strip along the middle of their body. Juvenile Amberjack fish eat plankton and invertebrates, while adults eat crab, squid, triggerfish, and other fish. Along with their diet, the Amberjack fish’s behavior changes as they get older. As they age, they gain more independence, and veer away from schools. Even though these fish can be massive in size once full grown, many animals feed on them. Some of these animals are seabirds, and larger fish than the already massive Amberjack. Amberjack are fascinating fish and have interesting qualities.


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