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Justin Young, Staff Writer • May 17, 2024
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Alice Wolf, Staff Writer • April 24, 2024

A Giants Fan’s Reaction to Saquon Barkley’s Departure


This NFL off-season has come with many twists and turns, and loads of surprises. Going in, I was simply hoping the Giants would retain some of their star players, and look to build through the draft. However, this was indeed not the case. The Giants 2nd overall pick from the 2018 draft class was not re-signed, but instead, went to the rival Philadelphia Eagles. He signed a 3 year deal worth $37.75 million. Of all the teams in the NFL, you had to choose the EAGLES???

Now, I am aware the NFL is a business, and players will go where the money is calling. However, I thought Saquon was different. I thought he would be loyal to big blue for his whole career, and bring them from a losing team to a respectable franchise again. This did not happen whatsoever. After claiming to be a Giant for life, he left. Not only did he leave, but went to the Eagles, our arch rivals. The Eagles now have a stacked offense, and the Giants, well, do not. I cannot be mad at Saquon, as the Giants should have just paid him what he wanted if they wanted to keep him so badly. Or, they could have shipped him off at the deadline to get at least some value for him. But, the pain of seeing him in that green and white uniform twice a year, that’s definitely going to hurt.

Watching Saquon Barkley play was so electrifying, and seeing him carry our team to a divisional round appearance was one of the most exciting moments that I have ever witnessed. I have been a Giants fan for a while now, and truly did not feel so hopeful for our team like I did with him carrying the ball. He was so fun to watch, and gave me something to look forward to every Sunday. Granted, he was constantly injured. Part of the reason I am not as mad as other die hard Giants fans is because he was always injured, and seeing him on the IR week in and week out was not pleasant. Realistically, is it really smart to pay an injury prone and aging running back big time money if it’s not even guaranteed he’ll play all the time? And I know, I know, the Giants front office gave a ton of money to Daniel Jones. But, that was assuming he wouldn’t fall off the face of the universe. Anyway, Barkley is running out of time. If he sustains one more big injury, and he could be done. So, unless he would be willing to take a pay cut to stay with the team, it was bound to happen that he would switch sides.

Although a sense of betrayal is definitely imminent, I do like the players who we brought in. We signed Devin Singletary to a 3 year contract, a move I really like. He is definitely not Saquon, but a solid running back who can stay healthy. He is not as dynamic, but can definitely be utilized in a similar way as Barkley was, as he is dangerous in the passing game. He is definitely a solid option that hopefully will lessen the blow of Saquon leaving for good.

The Giants also lost star safety Xavier McKinney to the Packers, another player who I enjoyed watching. He was not as star-studded of a player as Saquon, but he was a really solid defensive back, and someone I thought we could build upon. He is young, and someone the Giants could have developed to be potentially a top ten safety in the league. But, he’s gone, which hurts. However, the Giants made a trade with the Panthers for Brian Burns, one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. He was then extended to a max contract for 5 years worth $141 million with $87.5 million guaranteed. I really like this move. Brian Burns is an outstanding player in this league, and only strengthens an already solid defensive line containing Dexter Lawrence and Kayvon Thibodeux. I feel the Giants have one of the scariest defensive lines in the league, with multiple players that can potentially reach double digit sacks.

By no means do I think the Giants are going to be good, and it obviously hurts to see players like Barkley and McKinney leave. However, I feel like it is not as big of a deal as other people are making it. We picked up some solid replacements in free agency, so these losses may not loom as large as initially thought. If Barkley had gone to any other team, I definitely would not have minded as much, and I think many others can agree. Simply because he chose to sign with the Eagles, and make them even better than they already were. If he was a “Giant for life,” at least have the decency of leaving the division! Having to try and stop Barkley and the rest of the Eagles offense is going to be a nightmare, and Saquon is definitely not going to have a warm welcome the next time he plays in MetLlife.

Well, the only other thing I can say is goodbye. Goodbye Saquon, and I hope for the best with the remainder of your career. Of course I am not wishing anything bad for Saquon, but I would not be upset if he had a less than stellar season, softening the blow a little bit more. Welp, looks like I’m going to have to retire my Barkley jersey.

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