Senior Spotlight: Natalie Moradian

Emily Landolfi, Staff Writer

Accomplishments and success pervade the class of 2021. Despite the unprecedented challenges that this year’s senior class has faced, they continue to make the most of their final year of high school. Therefore, I believe that it is crucial to highlight the immense achievements of the class of 2021. I spoke with Natalie Moradian, a star goalie in both field hockey and lacrosse and member of the FTHS Choir and Patriot Productions, to reflect on her high school experiences and discuss her evolution as a leader, student, and as an individual. 

Natalie has utilized every opportunity at FTHS to fill her high school career with happiness and success. Through her positive attitude and determination, she has secured a notable position as one of FTHS’s finest. Her life, however, is not just filled with sports scholarships and solos. She has established lifelong friendships, passions, and experiences that have skyrocketed her personal and professional accomplishments. Over the past four years, she has grown into an exceptional human being and has been triumphant even in the unprecedented climate of the modern age.

Read the full interview below: 


Emily Landolfi: What is your favorite memory from high school so far? 

Natalie Moradian: Definitely my field hockey season this year. I think my team overcame a lot of different things and there was one particular game where we all really connected. We went into double overtime and then shootouts so it felt like a three hour game, and we ended up winning. I had 19 saves so it was a cool game! After having won the game and having your entire team run up to you and jump on you, it was one of the best feelings in the entire world.


EL: That is amazing! Would you say the field hockey team is really close? 

NM: Yeah! We definitely were very close this year.  

EL: Has high school been easy or hard for you?

NM: I think high school has been extremely difficult with juggling all my different activities and keeping up with my academics. 


EL: How have you managed the hardships?

NM: I kind of just deal with it and add more things to my schedule. The more activities I do, the more productive I feel. 

EL: You don’t have to share but do you personally have a favorite activity or all they all like your children, so to speak? 

NM: They are all like my children and my true loves. I love doing sports, theater, and singing. I just love everything.

EL: If you could travel to the past or future, what would you do and why?

NM: I would definitely travel to the past because I would like to try and fix some mistakes. 


EL: What has been the most valuable lesson you have learned throughout your high school experience?

NM: Not everything is going to go as planned but if you keep believing in yourself and working hard, it will eventually come. 


EL: You have been working incredibly hard throughout your high school career, especially towards college. You even committed to Georgian Court University during your Junior year, a terrific feat. What are you looking forward to in college? What are you not looking forward to?

NM: I’m really looking forward to studying exercise science and, hopefully, getting a degree to help me become an athletic trainer or maybe a physical therapist. I’m really looking forward to playing lacrosse as well as juggling academics and am excited to meet all the players on the team, forming friendships I will have forever. I am not excited to leave high school because I am going to miss a lot of my friends, especially you Emily. But I am twenty minutes away so I’ll be back!

EL: I am going to miss you so much, Natalie! Sweet or sour? Any particular reason?

NM: Sweet because I’m a sweet person. 


EL: You are an incredibly sweet human being, I can attest. If you could take a road trip, where would you go?

NM: Road trip! If I went on a road trip, I would definitely want to hit all of the states. Every single day I would just go to a different place. Specifically, I really want to go on a road trip to California. I don’t really know why but I feel like everything is cool in California.   


EL: Are you a natural born leader? How has that aided your successes?

NM: It has definitely taught me that by doing different activities, you have a lot of responsibilities.


EL: What has having a leadership role in lacrosse, field hockey, and drama taught you?

NM: My leadership experience in all of my accomplishments have taught me discipline and responsibility. 

EL: Are you looking forward to summer? Any plans? 

NM: I am really looking forward to summer! I don’t have any plans set in stone, but I do know that I will be spending a lot of time with my friends and family before the start of college! 


EL: Who is your biggest influence? 

NM: My biggest influence in my life is my family and friends, but most importantly my mom and dad. They have helped me strive to become the best person I can be and have helped me accomplish all of my goals. 


EL: Flipping it around, who do you think is your biggest fan? 

NM: I believe that my biggest fans are my friends and family. I always support my friends and family and I know that they will always be there to support me. 


EL: The final and most important question. What is your opinion on drinking milk straight out of the glass? 

NM: Eww drinking milk in general is gross, I am more of an almond milk lover.