Kim’s Monthly Motivations: June 2021


Kimberly Vasta, Staff Writer

Welcome back everyone! As I was getting ready to write this article I realized this is my last article before summer! I honestly feel like this school year started off so slow but the second half of the year zoomed by. I feel like going into school makes it go by so much faster. Now, I’m not going to lie, I feel a lot less productive by the last month of school. Summer is the only thing on my mind right now, so let’s take advantage of that. Let’s start off with some things you can do this summer that help the environment!

Beach Clean-Ups: 

We all know the beach is where most of us will be this summer. Though going to the beach is such a common activity, it is also a common place where a lot of trash/waste ends up being thrown on the ground. When at the beach, if you see trash, pick it up (with gloves, of course!) and get your friends/family to help you out. By picking up some of this garbage on the ground, even if it does not make a huge difference, it shows that you care about your environment and that you are willing to do  anything you can to help. It makes our community a better place. 

Bike Rides: 

Who doesn’t love a great bike ride? Well, if you are able to ride a bike, summer is definitely the time to take advantage of it. Instead of driving your car to your local stores or your friend’s house nearby, take your bike! This will help limit the amount of fossil fuels being emitted into the atmosphere. With the warmer weather, there is no excuse for taking advantage of this benefit!

Open the Windows:

This last idea is something that really depends on the weather. Sometimes during summer we have cooler days with a little bit of a breeze. Instead of putting your air conditioner on, open up your windows. Vice versa, if the sun is beating down through your window, put some shades up to convert it. That will help lessen the amount of time you need your air conditioner on.


Now that we discussed some things we can do this summer in order to lessen out fossil fuel emissions, let’s refer back to last week. Let’s discuss your goals!

Nope, I didn’t forget. So, think about the goal you set for yourself last month. Did you follow through with it? If not, that is ok. Sometimes we can’t always obtain goals, but it is important that we try. Did you get halfway there? If you did not, think about where you went wrong or what held you back.

However, if you did obtain your goal I am super proud of you! If you achieved last month’s goal it is time to set goals for yourself this summer. Write them down and make them reasonable. Below are the smart goal guidelines that can help you figure out what to do next. 

At the beginning of school next year, I will check in and see if you achieved these expectations. 

One more thing I want to address before I end the article is insecurities some people might experience this summer. Summer is a time where people might excessively worry about their appearance due to this being the season where you are exposed the most. To all my fellow girls, it is important to remember that every body is a bikini body and you are beautiful in your own way! Do not compare yourself to someone else. We all have different metabolisms, genetics and body structures that make us look different than others. The way you look is unique and should be celebrated. Additionally, positive affirmations are a strong way to help keep yourself confident. Some things you can tell yourself this summer are…

I am beautiful in my own way. 

I am unique. 

I am enough. 

I deserve to love myself. 

I do not need to compare myself to others. 

Hating my body won’t help me love it. 

My weight does not determine who I am. 

I will not listen to the negative voices in my head. 

I will treat my body with respect. 

I am grateful for everything my body lets me do. 

I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

These are just a few very strong affirmations to use. If you need more, go ahead and look them up. There are tons you can choose from that suit you best. 

Now, it seems like our article has come to an end. I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing summer! Stay safe and positive! I’ll speak to you all soon!:)