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Review of The Inheritance Games – Book 1


The Inheritance Games, the first of a series of books by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, is an exciting tale made to captivate readers. The book features a young girl named Avery who is named in the will of Tobias Hawthorne, where the billionaire leaves her his entire fortune. The only requirement Avery must fulfill is to live in the Hawthorne house for a specific amount of time. During her stay, Avery meets the other inhabitants of the mansion, quickly discovering this isn’t a normal family. In a home full of traps, secrets, and mysteries, Avery must discover why she was chosen as the sole heir of the fortune, and perhaps fall in love on the way.


Avery is a girl just on the cusp of eighteen who comes from a troubled background, as she interacts with the family members, specifically the 4 four grandsons, she learns more about her past and her family. Jameson, Grayson, Alexander, and Nash soon become her protectors within the mansion and use their upbringings to protect her from those who wish her harm. She quickly develops feelings for Grayson and Jameson, allowing the story to have an interesting love triangle. The young adults quickly realize that the biggest threat to Avery is within the mansion, and she must balance the issues that come with money and fame along with the traps and secrets nestled within the castle of a house. The first book takes you on a rollercoaster of adventure, experiencing the thrills, the fear, and the excitement beautifully illustrated by Barnes. 

Other books

Avery’s story continues to another two books, where she uncovers a forbidden love story, a murder mystery, and proves her worth to an old enemy of the Hawthornes. The first book is arguably the best of the three, although the other two still contain the excitement, drama, and mystery Barnes is known for. She recently released a new book within the series that I have yet to read; The Brothers Hawthorne. The fourth book is more focused on the Hawthorne brothers and the adventures they have. Jameson and Grayson struggle to figure out the men they want to become with the help of their brothers and Avery. Barnes is planning to release a fifth book to the series, The Grandest Game in 2024. Fans of her work and anxiously waiting for the release date to be published as this book promises the same page-turning excitement the series is known for.

Who’d I recommend this book to

This book is one I would recommend to any reader who loves adventure, mystery, and enjoys trying to figure out clues with the protagonist.  The love story, though prominent, is subtle and the story focuses more on the issues Avery faces, and how she is proving herself without needing the help of a man. It also introduces LGBT subjects, where a background pairing, which gets more prominent as the books continue, gets together. While the first book sets the bar for the others, perhaps a touch too high, the series will make any reader struggle to put it down. 

Reader’s Review

 I originally picked this book up since it was recommended by a friend of mine who has a similar taste in books. However, what really intrigued me was the cover, and yes while you should never judge a book by its cover, the art detailing was stunning and hints at the chaos, mystery, and power within the book. This book, while not my favorite from this author, is definitely a must-read. While in the later books, the plot is stretched a tad, and the third book acts more as a filler, it does truly focus on important concepts and issues. It also has romance take a bit of a backseat while it focuses on the characters, something I truly appreciate. If you are recently getting into mystery and suspense books, this is a good starter. Overall I’d rate this a 4 out of 5 stars, it doesn’t have very complex features and focuses more on story and emotion, great for a quick, fun read.

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