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Snowfest – Week Four

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!
Snowfest - Week Four

Seasons greetings everyone, and welcome back to Snowfest! Although this article was finished on December 30th (classic Horror Fest Situation), I started writing this on December 29th, and added the finishing touches on the 30th. I apologize for the wait! Welp, here we are. Christmas has finished, and we are all waiting for the clock to strike midnight on January 1st. I’ll have the Snowfest Grand Finale up on New Year’s Eve, so be ready! For now, let’s get into Snowfest Week 4, and the march to New Years!


Day 23 – Scrooged


To end off this year’s annual 100,000 adaptations of A Christmas Carol, I watched Bill Murrary’s Scrooged, a classic of the Holiday Genre. This movie takes what made A Christmas Carol amazing, and puts in Bill Murray, because why not? This movie took everything the 80s was at heart, and turned it into a movie. This film was campy, hilarious, sad, and just so Bill Murray. Scrooge was able to learn his lesson, the wonderful lesson that family is the most important thing of all. However, in Scrooged, it was presented in a way I have never seen before.


CHRISTMAS EVE!!! – It’s a Wonderful Life


This movie, without a doubt, has immediately gone down as one of my favorites. In It’s a Wonderful Life, we follow George Bailey throughout his entire life, as he learns relatively the same message as good old Scrooge. However, George Bailey doesn’t have everything like Ebenezer Scrooge. We follow all of George’s hiccups, heartaches, failures and insane hardships until he learns that he does truly matter. This movie is an absolute masterpiece, being created in 1946 as well! I recommend it to each and every one of you reading. Please watch this movie!


CHRISTMAS DAY!!! – The Holdovers (Main) – Home Alone 2, A Christmas Carol (1943), A Christmas Story (Secondary)


That title may be a bit confusing, but for the big day, I had to watch some big movies! The main new movie I watched today was a new movie (still in theaters!) called the Holdovers. This was a movie that I was not expecting to love. It follows the story of a history teacher forced to stay on campus during the holidays, and how he has to stop his wild students from acting up. Loved this one! For my other movies, I already covered them all in full besides 1943’s A Christmas Carol, but you can guess the plot. Christmas Day had me covered with movies!!!


Day 26 – A Christmas Story Christmas


Although this film didn’t carry the same magic as the original, I felt it was a fitting sequel to the classic. This movie, unlike its other reboots, actually brought Ralphie back as an adult, and we follow the story of his family! Ralphie makes an emotional return back to his hometown, with his family in tow. Ralphie and his family enjoy a wonderful (but complicated) Christmas, all while managing not to shoot their eyes out!


Day 27 A Very Murray Christmas


Continuing with the theme of Bill Murray and the Holidays, I watched this special, which was an absolute fever dream. It is a musical with Bill Murray directing and starring, and does follow the themes of Christmas in a way only Bill Murray could. No matter how weird this got, I kept on laughing!


Day 28 – The Night Before Christmas


Although I watched this NOT at all on Christmas Eve, this was an amazing short film. It follows the story of the Night Before Christmas, with Tom and Jerry coming in! This was an absolutely hilarious and very heartwarming short, as Tom and Jerry attempt to spend the holidays together.


Day 29 – Home Alone 3


I told myself I was not going to watch this, but alas. I watched Home Alone 3 today, which was VERY different from its predecessor. We didn’t even have Kevin! We followed Alex Pruitt, and although this movie was so different from Kevin’s, I did still enjoy it. However, I AM NOT STEPPING FOOT NEAR 4 AND 5!!!


There we go everyone, another week down! I will be back soon for the Grand Finale, so get ready! For now, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a happy new year, and for all your days to be merry and bright!


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