Amazing Aesthetics: Lovecore


Mercury Catanzarite, Staff Writer

Welcome to Amazing Aesthetics, a biweekly column talking about all sorts of aesthetics, their origins, and more!

Our sixth (and, for now, final) article is on Lovecore, the perfect aesthetic for Valentine’s Day and all of its celebrations. Please ignore how it is nearly the end of February, ha!

Thank you for reading this column for the very short time that it existed! I’ll still be posting things about aesthetics from time to time, but they won’t be a column anymore, and they’ll be done on my own time!

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get into the final aesthetic! Sorry in advance for how short this article is!

Lovecore is a visual aesthetic focusing on the manufactured idea of love. This includes things like hearts, the colors red and pink, love letters, angels, etc.

This aesthetic has two main subgenres, those being Pagano-Lovecore, which has a predominant focus on the display of love during the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and Shakespearean Lovecore, which has more of a somber energy due to imitating the likes of Romeo & Juliet’s aesthetics.

The aesthetic itself started in the 1960s, but it didn’t seem to have any proper name until the 2010s, when people really started to obsess over aesthetics.

This aesthetic is very easy to convert into a fashion style if you want to look like it’s February all year long.

Firstly, anything that’s heart-patterned will work out extremely well. Try to pick out pink, red, and white clothes, and avoid darker or cooler colors.

Anything that’s traditionally considered to be feminine will work as well; lace, satin, dresses in general, et cetera.

I’d also add rose or angel imagery if at all possible, even if it’s just through your jewelry, as those are both traditionally symbols of love.

Lastly, flowing fabrics would also work greatly, as they make people seem more welcoming, which will definitely go in your favor.

If you want to listen to songs that are Lovecore-esque as well, this playlist by Miraya is perfect for those moments in your bed when you’re thinking about how good you’d fit in a relationship with your crush.

In conclusion, Lovecore is the perfect aesthetic for those hopeless romantics in your life, whether you’re falling in love in February or October.

Thank you for sticking around!