Pop Poetry: Light


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

I don’t think there is a true sense of enlightenment

The farther I think I have progressed doesn’t matter when I can’t see the whole board

What if we are all playing the game of life in real time

And we think that there are two houses at the end you get to choose from 

But nothing is set in stone and nothing aligns because their are infinite spaces between here and the end and that’s assuming that there is one, and on a deeper level one that we can understand or feel

If we have only a partial strain of a muscle and can hope to heal or if we have a corkscrew sprain where our bone has shattered

But we feel no pain so we keep running 

We keep running until our joints wear down, til we can’t sit up, til we can no longer frown, because what we think is the end has come

What if our souls are in training for something much greater than a battle or war

But I also wonder if we are nothing but specks on flowers

Or reverberations within a box of technology in a lab made to test out possibilities or study probabilities

Maybe that box is one of many in a kindergarten level classroom which is only one of thousands

Where children study our movements and thoughts 

Where children can be thousands of years old but still considered young

How much learning can we accomplish in the time that we have 

The 4.6 billion years the earth has been alive if you transform or make 4.5 billion years equivalent to 40 years we have been here for 4 minutes and you’re gonna tell me we are the only “intelligent” thing on the planet and that in 1 minute we cut down 30% of the trees that we only have mere seconds to fix it 

But in our position the only one amplifying this are the people whose voices are silenced the most

The psychology of your words the boundaries you create 

The way society teaches people to hate 

Are people who teach peace fools or are they enlightened and what does that actually mean

How can I be better and if I am constantly bettering myself does that mean that one day I will float above it all but that would hinder my point because I am still tied to being human and making mistakes


What if those planets weren’t limited to 2D and 3D is there a higher level of being maybe that would be easier to believe

Because while we may have been told we are the most intelligent life forms what is the measure of intelligence

How do we not know that everything is communicating in harmony around us

That everything talks to eachother but we are left out so we call them stupid and we are somehow “smarter”


Ah yes woe is me 

I, the weaker, who cannot live longer than a tortoise

I, the defenseless, who does not have claws like a tiger or lion

I, the fool, but fool is too big of an honor for our race


I, the bully, with my fake standards have crowned myself king of the jungle

And in tow I have the person to which I look down upon

And in tow and in cycles repeating and repeating is the same cycle of people not respecting one another or minding their own business or space within the world 

Woe is me

For I have tried to sound like I am enlightened but I feel like everyone else is silent and I am just a speck of dust on your window sill that you can never get rid of

But I have continued on to shout, and bang, and sing

Oh woe is me,

Who tried to speak,

Woe is the Fool