Pop Poetry: Fear


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

You make me scared for the rest of my life

For I have reached a point to which I am only minorly uncomfortable

And when my final moments are settled

And I am with you once more. 

I will truly be at peace. 

But life, will continue on and unsettle me


I see my future in the rings that i wear 

On every finger that doesn’t connect to my heart

For that ring will be special

If you were to die after we are married 

With our first daughter Bloom,

I will live on so that one day 

I might be comfortable with you once again until she joins us 

And we watch the beautiful family we have started, 


And live on

Remembering us.


I am no longer afraid of telling you 

what I want or

What I envision.

For I have realized that being honest with you only brings me joy

And from that joy I wish to create a garden escape

Where I can teach our little babes about plants and animals

How life is precious and important,

About how I met you, 

How to play sports, 

How to do anything they are interested in, 

While I learn,

How to be the best father I can be.


Where I can scoop them up in my arms as they lay

And fall asleep.

To be happy with you is all I want.

I do not wish to break your heart.

And if you do refuse my hand 

I will not be sad.

Because I am grateful for every moment of time you have given me

I hope to give you my time to prove your insecurities false. 


You are everything I’ve ever wanted 

Sent to me with a bow on top

And I was too proud to see

What you would come to mean to me.