Welcome Class of 2022!


Deryn Younger, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Class of 2022,

Welcome to Freehold Township High School! As incoming freshmen, the transition from middle school to high school might be a little rough at first. A bigger building, a larger and more diverse student body, a heavier workload, and many more elements of life in high school may seem intimidating. But, to be honest, high school won’t be nearly as bad as you may think.

The high school experience is bound to be different for every student, though with that being said, there are some tips of advice that could be helpful in both calming freshmen nerves or even just about what to expect in general.

1. For starters, everyone is in the same boat as you are on the first day, so don’t be scared! The truth is that almost every student, no matter the grade level, doesn’t know much of what to expect on the first few days of school. Just breathe, be calm, and try your best to keep any anxiety you may have low.

2. Be aware of all of the extracurricular activities such as clubs, teams, and organizations here at Freehold Township. There is already a massive number of extracurriculars to choose from, so there is bound to be something that sparks your interest. Clubs and sports are great ways to meet new people, build friendships, and really put time into things you’re passionate about. Plus, committed participation in extracurriculars for three or more years is always valued by colleges.

3. Don’t forget, ideas for new clubs are always encouraged! To find out how to start a new club, feel free to talk to Mr. Brusotti, the school SECA.

4. Be involved in school events as much as possible, as they make for some awesome memories. Attend sporting events, fundraisers, and in-school festivities to make the time you spend here feel memorable. The homecoming game, International Day, and even Senior For Hire are just some of the school events that are tons of fun for students of all grade levels.

5. Never be afraid to ask for help! Peer Leaders are there to help guide you on the first few days and at certain times throughout the year, and are always willing to help. Teachers and other faculty members are also incredibly helpful and can most likely answer a lot of questions you may have, so don’t be nervous to speak up if you are unsure about something.

6. Do not slack off, even when it seems tempting! While it is true that not every single assignment matters in the grand scheme of things, it’s always important to try your absolute hardest in every class and on every assignment, no matter how big it may be. Keeping your grades up will help keep some stress down and will show your teachers that you take your school work seriously and want to succeed. Fighting procrastination really helps to lower the stress of high school in the long run.

7. Though making friends can be hard when entering a new school, it will definitely help to have a solid friend group that you know you can count on throughout high school. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make good first impressions on your classmates – you may end up making some great friends!

8. Organization is key – trust me. Having a planner is an absolute necessity for any high school student. It will relieve so much stress and confusion by being able to see what assignments are due or what events are coming up, all laid out right in front of you. It’s imperative to know what’s happening so nothing sneaks up on you last minute.

9. No matter how hectic things may seem to be, make sure you find time to balance schoolwork and life in general. At times, it can appear as though you’re up to your neck in homework, but it’s important to make sure you leave time to just relax, clear your head, spend some time with friends and family, and then focus on schoolwork again. Take time to care for yourself!

10. While it may seem like a long time away, college is closer than you think. With that, it helps to start narrowing down what you may want to study or specialize in. Throughout the course of high school, start to figure out what you do and don’t like, and choose classes that you think may help give you a better insight into the career path you are thinking of taking. Clubs can help you with this, too.

11. AP classes are a big responsibility, as they have a heavier workload and go at a faster pace. Despite that, though, it does help to take as many AP classes as you feel comfortable with during junior and senior year. If you choose to take the AP exam for a class in May and get a passing score, then you may not need to pay to take that class in college. AP classes may be a pain in high school, but taking them for free in high school rather than paying for them in college is a huge help!

12. The four years of high school will fly by fast! For some reason, each new year of high school seems to go by faster than the year before – probably because you’re often busy, or because you’re getting older. Keep that in mind when you feel overwhelmed, and try to make the most out of your time at FTHS!


Don’t worry, FTHS freshmen. Everything is going to be okay! We promise 🙂