Kiersten’s Thursday Jams (3/4/21)

Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

telepatía- Kali Uchis 

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]Dwzk-XZxZ4k[/wpdevart_youtube]

In this new hit song by breakout artist Kali Uchis, the bilingual singer tells a story of love in both english and spanish. Recently, my friends and I have all been obsessed with this song! The fun bubbly pop tune combined with Uchis’ smooth vocals will be sure to get you up and dancing. Additionally, you don’t even need to understand the spanish lyrics to comprehend that Uchis is singing about pure love due to the sultry tone of her voice. The song is also great practice if you’re studying spanish right now. I often find myself subconsciously translating the lyrics in my head! You should listen to this song if you like music about love or strong female vocalists.


Oh! You Pretty Things- David Bowie

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]ixLm9eSYldE[/wpdevart_youtube]

This classic tune tells a sci-fi story of domestic life, as one might expect from David Bowie. Easily one of my favorite Bowie songs, the simple track employs smooth piano and drum beats. Additionally, the chorus is incredibly catchy with its well-written lyrics. Bowie’s unique voice also works incredibly well with the melody of the song. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy 1970s music or music with well-written lyrics. 


Panama- Sports

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]I3Ec8y1HiYk[/wpdevart_youtube]

The first few seconds of this tune immediately make me picture slow waves crashing on a mellow beach. The instrumentals of this peaceful song will surely have you craving weather over 40 degrees! Although the lyrics of the tune detail a breakup, the chorus of the song quickly switches to a much more positive image of sunshine in Panama. You should listen to this track if you enjoy relaxing music or music with a story. 


This Is the Day- The The

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]KUP4mVkxdTA[/wpdevart_youtube]

I first heard this song in the Netflix comedy Sex Education, and then most recently in the movie Swallow. This classic song has been ubiquitous in pop culture for years, simply because of its ability to capture the mood of any scene perfectly. Depending on the context, the song could either be inspiringly uplifting or incredibly unnerving (as I have seen in my examples, respectively). The synthesized 1980s song is incredibly catchy, and surely sounds like a perfect fit for any movie or television show. Even though the lyrics are a bit depressing, the synthesized beat is incredibly bubbly and happy. You should listen to this tune if you like 1980s music or strong male vocalists.