Kiersten’s Thursday Jams (2/4/21)

Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

Zanzibar- Billy Joel

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Recently, this Billy Joel classic has been making its rounds on the viral app TikTok. Although my feelings regarding the blend of TikTok and the music industry are mixed, I could not be more grateful for the song’s success on the platform! Zanzibar is my favorite Billy Joel song, after all! The energy in the instrumentals and Billy Joel’s powerful vocals simply make you want to get up and dance. Putting this song on in the background of even the most boring of tasks will make you happy and excited! You should listen to this tune if you like 1970s music, or if you like peppy and upbeat music


All My Favorite Songs- Weezer

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All My Favorite Songs was the first tune released on Weezer’s newest album, “OK Human”. Although this song has more of a “pop” tone than their earlier 1990s classics, the track is still a great hit in my eyes. The tune is very upbeat, and it makes references to many of their earlier hit songs. Additionally, lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s strong vocals carry the song and truly prove how Weezer has not fallen out of touch over time- even with a newer generation of listeners! You should listen to this song if you enjoy alternative rock music, or if you enjoy talented male vocalists.


parachute- second thoughts

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Yes, the lowercase letters in the title are on purpose! Recently, a friend of mine showed this song to me by the small british band “second thoughts”. Upon my first listen, I was utterly shocked that they did not have more fans! The first guitar riff of the tune pulls you in and keeps you hooked throughout the entirety of the song. If the lead singer’s charismatic voice and the catchy chorus don’t have you hooked, the bubbly instrumentals of this song will guarantee it a spot in your playlist. You should listen to this tune if you like pop music, or music by british boy bands (Trust me…there is definitely a demographic for that!). 


Take Me Dancing- Will Joseph Cook

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This is not Will Joseph Cook’s first featured song on “Kiersten’s Thursday Jams”, and it won’t be his last! Recently, I have been listening to this tune on repeat simply due to its happy nature. The lyrics tell a fun love story, and the peppy drum beats and guitar riffs create an altogether positive feeling in the song. Cook’s heartfelt vocals also add to the ambiance of the song and help pull it together. You should listen to this track if you like indie music, or music that makes you smile.