Kiersten’s Thursday Jams (1/21/21)

Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

Peach Pit- Peach Pit

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]PRXtbLqIx04[/wpdevart_youtube]

In this self-titled track, band “Peach Pit” is able to summarize their essence into one simple song. Recently, I have been obsessed with this band and their sound! This tune specifically reminds me of relaxing on the beach as you feel the warmth of sunlight on your skin. In addition to the lead singer’s light vocals, the use of a repeating guitar riff and slow drum beat give this track a very relaxed sound. You should listen to this song if you like light rock music, or slow songs.


This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)- Talking Heads

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]fsccjsW8bSY[/wpdevart_youtube]

This classic upbeat tune by the “Talking Heads” just makes me want to get up and dance! Although this peppy 80s tune is different from most of the band’s discography, this song is still regarded as one of their most popular. This unique love song relies on naivete in its lyrics, and mirrors the content of the song with a happy beat and bubbly instrumentals. Additionally, the lead singer’s vocals are incredibly eccentric and endearing. You should listen to this song if you like happy music, or music that makes you want to get up and dance.


She’s So Cold- The Rolling Stones

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]jo34VhfcetU[/wpdevart_youtube]

Although this “Rolling Stones” song did not have as much commercial success as the band’s other hits, this track is easily my favorite by them. This upbeat rock tune is sure to be stuck in your head for days. The titular chorus is repeated throughout the song, and it is incredibly catchy. The guitar riffs and instrumentals in the song are also incredible! You should listen to this song if you like rock music, or talented male vocalists. 


Only Love Can Break Your Heart- Saint Etienne

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]vZAajrxvDs4[/wpdevart_youtube]

In this catchy tune, “Saint Etienne” puts a 90s spin on the Neil Young classic, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”. The track utilizes a fun synthesized beat, along with a strong drum beat. Additionally, the lead singer’s vocals are simple yet powerful, and her voice pairs naturally with the song. Although the song is a cover, the band truly makes it their own in this fun version of the track. You should listen to this song if you like strong female vocalists, or catchy songs.