Thursday Jams (11/12/20)

Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

Rest My Chemistry- Interpol

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Rest my Chemistry is a song that transports you back in time to the 1990s grunge rock era of music. The tune has a gritty tone, similar to other bands of the time such as “Nirvana” and “Sonic Youth”. The rock instrumentals of the song are incredible, and the piano and guitar riffs are sure to be stuck in your head all day. The lyrics of the song touch on the lead singer’s addictions and struggles in life, leading to an altogether somber sounding track. Despite this, the tune is still very catchy and the lead singer’s rough vocals balance out the somber tones to make the track more upbeat. You should listen to this song if you like rock music or strong male vocalists. 


Little Dark Age-MGMT

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Recently, this song has gained immense popularity due to it going viral on the app TikTok. But, indie band MGMT has been making amazing experimental songs for years- and Little Dark Age is no exception. The tune utilizes intense synthesized beats and distorted vocals in order to create a psychedelic effect for the listener. The tune is fun to listen to because of this, and it is also extremely catchy. The lyrics of the song can be interpreted in a myriad of different ways. I would let you guys know what my interpretation of the tune is, but I will leave that fun up to you all! You should listen to this song if you like psychedelic music or music with insightful lyrics.


The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl in The World- Snail Mail

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Recently, I have been obsessed with this song! Courtney Love originally wrote this edgy love song in the 1990s, and “Snail Mail’s” modern day cover of it certainly does the tune justice. “Snail Mail’s” strong and gritty voice is perfect for a rock tune such as this one. Although the track can be classified as a love song, there is a rock twist that makes the tune abnormally upbeat. The instrumentals are incredibly catchy, and I often find myself humming the chorus of the song to myself every day. You should listen to this song if you like strong female vocalists or indie rock music.


Motion Sickness- Phoebe Bridgers

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]9sfYpolGCu8[/wpdevart_youtube]

Compared to the other songs on this list, Motion Sickness is definitely the most lighthearted and relaxed of the bunch. In the slow tune, Bridgers compares a past love to “emotional motion sickness”. The lyrics of the song are incredibly well-written and really paint a picture of Bridger’s life. Additionally, her wispy voice and soft vocals pair well with the light instrumentals of the tune. You should listen to this track if you like sad songs, or music with clever lyrics.