Thursday Jams (2/27/20)

Kiersten Buckley, Editor

(Girl We Got A) Good Thing- Weezer


When you think of “Weezer”, (Girl We Got A) Good Thing is probably not the first song that you think of. But, even though it is not a hit, the tune is still a sweet representation of another more sentimental side of the rock band. The song is about an ideal romance, almost too good to be true. The song is sung with genuine emotion, and there is even still a hint of the classic rock music by which “Weezer” is known for in the instrumentals. You should listen to this tune if you like love songs, or alternative music.


Bad Decisions-The Strokes


This has been the newest single from “The Strokes” since 2016, and they certainly did not disappoint with this catchy tune. Yet another sweet song about romance, the band manages to combine alternative rock with sweet lyrics. With the repetitiveness of the chorus, you will surely be humming “I’m making bad decisions” all day…hopefully, though, while you’re making good decisions. This song is merely a sample of the new album by “The Strokes” set to release this summer, so if you enjoy this single, stay tuned! Additionally, the music video of the song is a fun parody. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy powerful lead vocalists or alternative rock music.


tossing and turning- Arlie


From the moment I first heard this song last week, I could not stop listening to it. In this whimsical indie-pop song, “Arlie” sings about the cost of fame. The lyrics tell a story about how one is obsessed with the idea of being famous, and they are left “tossing and turning” at night thinking about it. The upbeat instrumentals paired with the lead singer’s unique vocals will definitely leave you clicking the repeat button. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy music with a story, or indie-pop music.


Looking Out for You- Joy Again


In this lo-fi indie alternative song, “Joy Again” sings of the perils of love. The lead singer explains how, “This is a love song for a girl/Who will never know it’s about her/ I know it’s pretty stupid/But I’m much too shy to tell her”. The tune is short and sweet, and the sweet lyrics will leave you with a smile on your face. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy love songs or lo-fi music.