Thursday Jams (10/01/20)


Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

Welcome back to Kiersten’s Thursday Jams, everyone! Although the past few months have been full of uncertainties, there is one thing that will always remain: music! I can’t wait to show you all some of the amazing songs that I discovered while in quarantine. I hope you enjoy!


Hello, I Love You- The Doors

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]8f1z-nHvt3c[/wpdevart_youtube]

With this first song on “Kiersten’s Thursday Jam’s”, we are taking a trip back in time. This catchy tune by “The Doors” is a classic, and the fun synth beat will teleport you back to the 1970s. The lyrics tell a sweet and simple story of love, which is emphasized by the intense instrumentals of the song. You should listen to this track if you like classic rock or love songs!


Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus- The Strokes

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]2jna3dWEnzo[/wpdevart_youtube]

“The Strokes” starting teasing their new album and world tour last year after exiting after a seven year hiatus. Unfortunately, their album The New Abnormal came out towards the beginning of the quarantine, and their tour was subsequently canceled. Even though their album did not get the hype it deserved, many amazing songs from the album stood out to me. One of them, of course, being Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus. The tune exudes a very 1980s sound, since it has very prominent base guitar and synthesizer riffs thrughout it. The lyrics metaphorically reminisce on the lead singer’s life, and tell a very compelling story. You should listen to this song if you like rock music, or music with interesting lyrics!


Washing Machine Heart- Mitski

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]3vjkh-acmTE[/wpdevart_youtube]

Mitski has been climbing the charts incredibly quickly as a relatively new indie-pop artist. In her song Washing Machine Heart, she sings about the struggles she has faced in her life. Specifically she compares people in her life mistreating her to “dirty shoes” being tossed in her “washing machine heart”. I personally love this song because I find the metaphor very creative. Additionally, Mitski’s airy and wispy voice pairs well with the fun, synthesized beat of the song. You should listen to this song if you like calm pop music, or music with insightful lyrics.


Greatest Comedian- Matt Maltese

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]FMzPcmf25lw[/wpdevart_youtube]

I was first introduced to the music of Matt Maltese a few months ago from a friend, and ever since then, I have been absolutely obsessed with his songs. Greatest Comedian specifically is one of my favorites, even with its strong tones of longing and loss. The tune may be a love song with a somber edge, but that doesn’t stop the chorus from being incredibly catchy. Additionally, Matt Maltese’s smooth vocals blend well with the subtle drum beat and instrumentals of the song overall. You should listen to this song if you like sad music or strong male vocalists.