Thursday Jams (10/15/20)


Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

Campus- Vampire Weekend

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]duvBELsM-dk[/wpdevart_youtube]

Campus by “Vampire Weekend” is a song that makes me feel nostalgic for the future. The lyrics sing about the band’s experience at Columbia University (Which is definitely not in my future, but you get the point), and they tell a fun story of the band’s college experience. Additionally, the upbeat guitar and drum beats make the tune a fun pop ballad. You should listen to this song if you like pop music, or music that makes you feel nostalgic!

rue- girl in red

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]3xeAK9A8SOI[/wpdevart_youtube]

Over the years, “girl in red” has gained somewhat of a cult following with her loyal and devoted fanbase. rue, her most recent song, is my personal favorite. The catchy tune is able to balance a sad tone with “girl in red’s” wispy and angelic voice, creating an alltogether beautiful song. Additionally, the music video of the song is incredibly well directed and interesting to watch. The tune is inspired by the character Rue from the HBO television show Euphoria, which may explain the song’s somber tone. You should listen to this tune if you like strong female vocalists, or sad music.

Televised- HUNNY

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]as9T6Ezuibs[/wpdevart_youtube]

Televised by “HUNNY” is one of those songs that lets you forget about your life for a second and just smile. The upbeat synth-pop tone of the song is sure to get everyone who hears it up and dancing. Although it may seem like a basic pop song at first listen, the lyrics tell a deeper story of our society and our dependence on the copious amounts of useless media on TV. You should listen to this song if you like upbeat and happy music, or pop music.

Psychics in LA- Peach Pit

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]gPlTLXXw-qo[/wpdevart_youtube]

“Peach Pit” have been captivating the lo-fi indie scene for years. So, when they released their new album on October 2nd, they were bound to have some hits. My personal favorite from the album is, of course, Pyschics in LA. The song masters the lo-fi indie pop sound with the catchy bass guitar riff and drum beat. Seriously, I am always humming this song all day! The lead vocalists’ voice is also very unique, and his talented sound works very well for this genre of music. Additionally, the music video is very funny and ties into the song quite well. You should listen to this song if you like powerful male lead vocalists, or more chill and relaxed music.