Kiersten’s Thursday Jams (12/10/20)

Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

As the World Caves In- Matt Maltese

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This song recently became popular on the app TikTok, so I just had to add it to this week’s edition! I am a big Matt Maltese fan, so it is great to see him getting the recognition that he deserves. Honestly, the song As the World Caves In sounds like it should be played at the end of a dramatic movie when there is a big plot twist. The ominous piano melody combined with the slow drum beat and Maltese’s smooth vocals create an altogether haunting song. When all of the instrumentals come together during the chorus, I always get chills because the tune simply sounds so beautiful. You should listen to this tune if you like slow songs, or sad music. 


This December- Ricky Montgomery

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In the catchy tune This December, singer Ricky Montgomery puts his own spin on traditional sad pop songs. While the lyrics have depressing undertones, Montgomery gives them a positive twist and focuses on the positivity found in negativity. Additionally, the upbeat instrumentals add to an altogether bubbly track. You should listen to this song if you like upbeat music, or strong male vocalists.


Cry For Me- HUNNY

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Indie-rock band “HUNNY” sings a song of heartbreak in their upbeat tune Cry For Me. The guitar riff, drums, and even tambourine beats are sure to be stuck in your head all day and have you dancing! Although the subject matter of the tune seems downcast, “HUNNY” manages to combine well-written and interesting lyrics with bouncy pop music. You should listen to this tune if you like music with interesting lyrics, or indie pop music.


Cathy Come Home- Flyte 

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Catchy Come Home is a tune that is reminiscent of traditional songs from the 1960s or 1970s. The classic old-fashioned piano and the lead singer’s vocals take listeners on a trip back in time. Additionally, the lyrics of the tune are also incredibly interesting. The lyrics tell the story of parents struggling to let their children out into the world, according to the band. You should listen to this tune if you like music with insightful lyrics, or strong male vocalists.