Kiersten’s Thursday Jams (2/18/21)

Kiersten Buckley, Co-Editor in Chief

Like Real People Do- Hozier

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Hozier initially rose to fame with his classic song, Take Me to Church. Ever since then, he has been releasing hit after hit, and he even seems to have created his own niche in the music industry. Every single peaceful and folksy tune of his makes me and many other listeners want to simply run away and live in a cottage in the woods, and the song Like Real People Do is no exception. The relaxing song tells a sweet story, and Hozier’s mellow vocals simply add to the ambiance. Additionally, the delicate piano melody and acoustic guitar in the song help to further create the tranquil tone of the song. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy light and relaxing music, or soft-spoken male vocalists!


She’s Thunderstorms- Arctic Monkeys

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This song by the popular rock band “Arctic Monkeys” may be one of their lesser known tunes, but the song will forever be a classic in my heart. The powerful drum and bass guitar melodies combined with lead singer Alex Turner’s vocals are incredibly catchy, and are guaranteed to be stuck in your head. The instrumentals of the track are somewhat haunting, which will surely leave you with an eerie yet positive feeling. The lyrics describe a girl who appears as a mysterious enigma, and Turner begs to learn more about her. You should listen to this track if you enjoy alternative rock music or music with creative lyrics!


Quarterback- Wallows

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Quarterback is the latest single from indie band “Wallows”. The band wrote and recorded the tune during quarantine, and talented drummer Cole Preston sings lead on the track instead of the usual lead singer of the band, the lovely Dylan Minnette. To my delight, the song was actually not about sports. The song is a sweet, upbeat, and peppy love story. The chorus is also very catchy, and I can promise you that it will be stuck in your head for days. You should listen to this track if you enjoy pop music, or music that makes you want to get up and dance!


Stand up Tragedy- The Fratellis

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Classic english rock band “The Fratellis” are no stranger to Kiersten’s Thursday Jams, so of course I had to feature them again! Stand up Tragedy is a sweet and well-written love song that will definitely get you dancing and smiling. The upbeat guitar and drum beats are incredibly peppy and fun, and lead singer Jon Fratelli’s vocals help pull the track together. You should listen to this song if you like music with well-written lyrics, or if you like upbeat music!