Kiersten’s Thursday Jams: 1/31/19

Kiersten Buckley, Staff Writer

“Lowlife” – Poppy


The name “Poppy” might sound familiar to you. If it does, then yes, this is the same “Poppy” who makes those odd Youtube videos. But, what you may not have known about her is that she also has a music career. Her song “Lowlife” was released a few years ago. It is a stereotypical pop song that you would hear on the radio, and the music video is a satire on fame today. The lyrics describe a typical love story, as all pop songs tend to do. You should listen to this song if you like pop tunes, or interesting music videos.


“Too Shy” – Kajagoogoo


Kajagoogoo, a British band, officially became a one hit wonder with this hit in 1983. I first heard this classic 1980s jam while watching Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch. After hearing this song for the first time, I immediately became obsessed with the bubbly tune. The fun beat and upbeat lyrics of the tune will surely be stuck in your head for days. The synthesized melody and autotuned vocals of the song also exude a strong and fun 1980s energy. You should listen to this tune if you like 80s music, or upbeat and catchy songs.


“She’s Gonna Leave You” – The Walters


The Walters are a small indie band with a 1970s sound that is slowly building a fanbase. Their song “She’s Gonna Leave You” was released as a single back in 2017, and fans love it. The song itself is a simple tune that tells the story of a failing relationship. The tune consists of sweet lyrics about love, while the vocals by the lead singer blend well with the guitar instrumentals of the song. You should listen to this tune if you like indie music, or music with an older sound..


“Hypnotic” – Zella Day


“Hypnotic” by Zella Day is a fun and different pop song. Zella Day, and up and coming singer, garnered a good amount of attention with the release of this tune. The lyrics consist of lines such as, “You took to me so well,/ Hypnotic taking over me,/ Make me feel like someone else.” Simple and sweet, the lyrics describe someone being hypnotized by love. You should listen to this song if you like pop music, or music about love.