Kiersten’s Thursday Jams: 1/17/19

Kiersten Buckley, Staff Writer

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“Love Me” – The 1975

In this upbeat 1980s-eque song, popular British band the 1975 describes the struggles of fame. Lead singer Matt Healy sings lyrics such as, “Next thing you’ll find you’re reading about yourself on a plane, fame! What a shame!” and “You look famous, let’s be friends, and portray we possess something important.” These lyrics explain the band’s personal struggles with fame and their good and bad experiences with it. You should listen to this song if you like lyrics that make you think, or more upbeat songs.


“Dreaming” – Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers are always able to produce whimsical pop songs, and “Dreaming” can definitely be classified as one of those. Their unique style definitely shows in this tune, with the lovely piano and synthesized melody. The song describes a person missing an ex-lover, and “dreaming” of when they were together. You should listen to this song if you like sweet love songs, or pop music.


“Electric Love” – BØRNS

“Electric Love” became something of a hit for BØRNS after it was featured in the movie Nerve back in 2016. The song is a fun pop tune with sweet and bubbly lyrics. Lead singer Garrett Borns sings of the thrills of love alongside an energetic synthesized melody. You should listen to this song if you like pop songs, or music with sweet lyrics.


“Marcel” – Her’s

“Marcel” is a sweet and simple song by the band Her’s. The lyrics explain a story of lost love, such as, “Why did we have to say goodnight, I love it but it don’t feel right”. The tune is simple and short, and it is mostly accompanied by a catchy guitar riff. You should listen to this song if you like music that is short and sweet, or alternative music.


“What I Want” – Cende

This upbeat song by Cende and Frankie Cosmos tells the story of two quarreling lovers. Cosmos and Cende sing two lover’s sides of an argument, alongside amazing alternative instrumentals. The two vocalists sing amazing harmonies with each other, tying the lovely song together. You should listen to this song if you like alternative music, or sweet harmonies.