Kiersten’s Thursday James: 1/3/18

Kiersten Buckley, Staff Writer

Snap Out Of It-Arctic Monkeys


The British pop-rock band “Arctic Monkeys” sing about how some people can get hypnotized by love in this hit song. Lead singer Alex Turner pleads a friend to “snap out of it”, regarding their loving feelings towards a person. Turner writes mesmerizing lyrics that are accompanied by an amazing job on the drums by Matt Helders. You should listen to this song if you like well-written lyrics, or pop-rock music.


See You Again- Tyler, The Creator; Kali Uchis


In this unique song, rapper Tyler, The Creator explores the the idea of longing for someone with the help of Kali Uchis. In the beginning of the song, Tyler sets up the love story that he is living in. When Uchis starts to sing the chorus, she expresses the hope to make this love fantasy last. Concluding the song, Tyler talks about how his feelings for his partner are becoming deeper. You should listen to this if you like music that tells a story, or more upbeat rap songs.


Dark Red- Steve Lacy


In this haunting upbeat ballad, Steve Lacy sings about his fears that his girlfriend will leave him. He feels that “something bad is ‘bout to happen” and he prays that his girlfriend won’t leave him. He then begins to wonder if he is overthinking, and what if he “just let bad thoughts, linger for far too long”. Lacy’s smooth vocals really show the anguish that he felt when  this song. You should listen to this song if you like more fast-paced ballads, or music about love.


Get Free- Lana Del Rey


In this song, Lana Del Rey of her personal struggles with sadness and her rise to fame. Del Rey manages to deliver this seemingly dark topic with a sweet and lovely melody, and great heartfelt lyrics. For instance, she sings, “I never really noticed that I had to decide, to play someone’s game or live my own life” regarding her rise to fame. You should listen to this song  if you like meaningful lyrics with a story, or sweet relaxing melodies.