Kiersten’s Thursday Jams: 11/15/18

Kiersten Buckley, Staff Writer

Thursday Jams (11/15/18)

Hi! Before I start this article, I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kiersten Buckley. I’m a sophomore, and I am obsessed with music. I listen to music as often I can each and everyday. Every Thursday, I hope to publish an article with 3-5 songs that I love with some facts about them. I hope that you can discover some new music to fall in love within these articles! 🙂


Get to you- The Honeysticks


This is one of my favorite songs. Ricky Montgomery’s smooth vocals lend to the lovely and well-written lyrics about love. After listening to this song, I’m always in a good mood due to the upbeat tone of the song. You should give this song a listen if you like happy and bubbly songs, or if you like heartfelt lyrics!


Perfect- Rob Cantor


This is another song with very well-written and sweet lyrics. The song itself is about someone loving a person with their flaws, and that they are “perfect” in their own way. Listening to this song will leave you in a good mood due to its happy tone. The song became popular with a viral YouTube video by Rob Cantor, which hit 17 million views, called “29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original song”. This song was featured on Cantor’s debut solo album after he had just left the band Tally Hall. You should listen to this song if you like meaningful lyrics and songs with a happy tone!


Chamber of Reflection- Mac DeMarco


This psychedelic song is about being alone with your own thoughts. The song is regarded by DeMarco’s fans as one of his best songs due to its different and surreal sound. The song may have very few lyrics, but nonetheless it is very powerful. You should listen to this song if you are feeling upset, or if you want a relaxing song to listen to.


Sunflower- Rex Orange County

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This is a sweet and catchy song describing how the love in a long lasting relationship can grow stronger. Rex compares his feelings toward his girlfriend as a “sunflower [that] still grows at night”. You should listen to this song if you want to listen to something upbeat and fun.


Vietnam- Miniature Tigers


This is a song by my personal favorite band, Miniature Tigers (They will definitely be a recurring band in these articles)! The bubbly song tells the story of a man trying to make his lover proud, only to get nothing in return. The singer complains that the way she loves him “makes him want to go back to Vietnam”, demonstrating the complications of their relationship. You should listen to this song if you’re in the mood for a happy song, or if you like bubbly songs with darker lyrics.