Kiersten’s Thursday Jams: 9/18/19

Kiersten Buckley, Editor

Welcome back to “Kiersten’s Thursday Jams!” The songs that will be featured in this column during the next few weeks are songs that I fell in love with over the summer, and I hope you fall in love with them too!


“Circles” – Post Malone

[wpdevart_youtube]SPW22-RUM1k [/wpdevart_youtube]

I know what you all are probably thinking. Post Malone? On “Thursday Jams”? I’ll be honest, I am generally not a huge fan of rap music. But, I do have a huge soft spot for Post Malone. Why? His voice is just so different, and almost melodic. Of course, this contrasts with his music genre, but it still creates an altogether nice sound. So, when he released a new single, I was thrilled. The song isn’t necessarily classified as rap. But, nonetheless, it still has the signature Post Malone sound with its lovesick lyrics and intense melody that contrasts with his voice. All in all, you should listen to this tune if you are a Post Malone fan, or if you like music similar to rap. 


“Manic Upswings” – Miniature Tigers

[wpdevart_youtube]pJdSScpgCwE [/wpdevart_youtube]

If you’ve read a few of my articles before, then you know that I’m a HUGE fan of the band “Miniature Tigers”. So, when they released a new single last month, I was obviously thrilled and already planning on including it in a “Thursday Jams”. The tune starts out with a catchy guitar riff that repeats for most of the song, which then flows into the entrance of vocals and drums. The tune has amazing well-written lyrics such as, “I see you in psychotic daydreams, and still never knew you; You send me into Manic Upswings; I never could figure you out, never could figure you out.” Overall, the song has a nice and mellow indie sound. You should listen to this song if you are a fan of catchy music, or more lo-fi indie music.


“I Dare You” – The Regrettes

[wpdevart_youtube]WOgQpjARYyc [/wpdevart_youtube]

Creating a music video that masks its dark lyrics in bright colors and well choreographed dance numbers, indie rock band “The Regrettes” succeed at the creativity game once again. The band was never known to stick to the rules of music due to their genre-defying songs, and I Dare You is no different. The tune is catchy and about the perils of love. Lead singer Lydia Night’s rough yet sweet vocals blend well with the fun melody of the tune. Additionally, the music video that accompanies the song is filled with such vibrant colors and excellent choreography that your eyes will be glued to your screen. You should listen to this tune if you like indie rock, or fun and well-produced music videos. 


“Using You” – Mars Argo

[wpdevart_youtube]tp1ZluX4aYs [/wpdevart_youtube]

“Mars Argo” is somewhat of an enigma to the music community. Hiding behind her stage name, she released one EP and a few singles back from 2010-2014. But, after that, she seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth. She has not posted anything on her social media since then, nor has she released any music. But, despite this, the music video for her bubblegum-pop song Using You has amassed more than twelve million views. The tune itself is a chipper pop song about love, sung in Mars Argo’s almost childishly high pitched voice. Mars’ high pitched voice gives the happy-go-lucky  song a somewhat eerie feeling as you listen. Additionally, the music video has a sinister and interesting plot of its own. You should listen to this song if you like pop music, or music videos that have a story.