Kiersten’s Thursday Jams: 5/9/19

Kiersten Buckley, Staff Writer

“Lost in Japan” – Shawn Mendes


Now, I’m sure most of you weren’t expecting a Shawn Mendes song in this article. And to be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting a Shawn Mendes song in this article either! A friend suggested this tune to me a few days ago, and I’ve been calling it my guilty pleasure ever since. Mendes sings, “Do you got plans tonight?/I’m a couple hundred miles from Japan, and I/I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight/’Cause I-I-I can’t get you off my mind”. With these lyrics, Mendes sings about how he would travel an infinite amount of miles to see his lover. The track blends Mendes’ strong vocals with fun pop instrumentals. You should listen to this song if you like pop music, or music about love!


“Night Running” – Cage The Elephant and Beck


“Cage The Elephant” and “Beck” are both amazing singers with powerful voices, so I personally was thrilled when I heard that the two planned to release a song together. And when that song came out, I was not disappointed. As you can probably guess, the tune I’m referring to is Night Running. The two duet lyrics such as, “We’re on a night run/No telling who we’re running from/In a world of secrets and demons and people hiding from the sun/Sending my message to everyone losing control”. The tune has a myriad of well-written lyrics and melodies between the two artists. Additionally, the alternative-style instrumentals give the track a great punk touch. You should listen to this tune if you like strong male vocalists, or music with well written lyrics.


“I Like It” – The Marías


The Marías describe their sound as “psychedelic pop”, and that statement certainly rings true with their song I like It. The lyrics describe the feeling of being attracted to someone. But, the instrumentals tell a different story. The instrumentals consist of mostly a single synthesized beat. The band uses this relatively lo-fi beat to pair with their intimate lyrics. Additionally, the instrumentals pair well with the lead singer’s high and airy voice. You should listen to this song if you like music with great instrumentals, or strong female vocalists.


“Mystery Girl” – Housecall


In this spunky rock tune, indie band “Housecall” sings a song about love. With lyrics such as, “It’s so strange, how much I love her/But the way she is makes me wonder/She’s so weird, but I dig it” the track tells a story of a person in with someone who is still a mystery to them. The song has great guitar and drum instrumentals, cementing the tune as a true rock song. You should listen to this song if you like rock music, or music about love.