Alex Magliozzo

Emily Landolfi, Staff Writer

Alex Magliozzo is one of FTHS’ star basketball players, occupying the center position. She received the award due to her leadership abilities on and off the court. Though impaired by a bad injury at the beginning of the season, Alex remained committed to the team as senior captain despite her inability to physically play. Further, she recognized that it was her responsibility to step up to the plate and take control of the way the team was run, as the team had a new coach. In correlation, she wanted to help her coach implement her new ideas and create her own, unique environment. I was given the honor of interviewing Alex about her successful career as a basketball player and a high school student, showing she is the perfect individual to have received the award.



What do you like best about basketball?

– Basketball is one of those sports where you MUST work as a team in order to succeed. Everyone needs to do their job and work together, and I like it best that way. It gives us the opportunity to talk things through and figure out a game plan and how we are going to execute it successfully. 


What is one of your most memorable moments playing basketball?

– One of my most memorable moments playing this sport was my senior day. It felt amazing knowing that the entire team had my back, and we all wanted to end the game with a win because of how special a day it was. Having my teammates cheering for me louder than ever and reflecting on my 4 years in the program felt rewarding.


What do you like to do in the off-season? 

– In the off-season, I enjoy going to the gym and always staying in shape. My little brother enjoys playing basketball as well, so going outside and teaching him certain skills is something we do together often.


What is something interesting that people don’t know about you?

– Something interesting that people don’t know about me is that I’m extremely hard on myself. When I have the desire to do something, I won’t stop until it’s done, which can either be a good or bad thing. In some ways, it’s rewarding because it increases my determination skills, but a lot of people don’t notice that there’s always a goal in mind that I’m trying to check off.