Paige Wehner

Emily Landolfi, Staff Writer

Paige Wehner, a class of 2022 senior, has been awarded October Student of the Month for her leadership and dedication to Patriot Productions. Paige’s talent, positivity, and welcoming attitude carries on in and out of the school walls, evident by her authenticity and ongoing optimism. During this charismatic interview, she explains the importance of being a leader and the skills she’s learned and will utilize to achieve her aspirations.

First of all, congratulations! 

– Thank you! 

What drove you to be a part of Patriot Production? 

– I’ve wanted to act since I was nine and I’ve always wanted to do middle and high school Drama. Since I’ve been able to do it in high school, it’s just really fun and it’s my passion.

What made you take on a leadership role? What is your position? 

– I have been in the honors society [the International Thespian Society] since Freshman year, and I’m a part of the ITS executive board as a Member at Large. The girl across from me [referring to Emily] is actually the Secretary so that’s been really fun. I really like the club and we don’t have a lot of leaders this year and someone had to teach them [the ensemble] those harmonies.

Can you elaborate as to why you are teaching the music to fellow cast members?

– Yeah! So in rehearsals, we don’t really have our music director. She’s worked a bit with the show [All in this Together] but she isn’t entirely there, so I decided to teach people and work the music explaining “you’ve got to do this” and “you’ve got to do that.” Some of the people, especially the freshman, are new and don’t really know what’s going on so I wanted to help them out. We’ve also never done a show like this before. 

Are you in a leadership position in any other respect (other clubs or activities)?

– I would say I’m technically in a leadership role in Choir too. I’ve been in the class for four years because I love performing and that’s just what I want to do. Mrs. Conners [Choir teacher] asks me to help out and make sure things run smoothly. I help make sure all the younger kids stay on track, that everything gets handed out, and that everyone is okay. When we did the rhythm projects, I made sure everyone’s rhythms were okay. I’m pretty sure I actually went over to your group (laughs). 

You definitely did and I 100% needed your help! What type of qualities have learned by fulfilling these experiences, and how do you plan on utilizing them in the future?

– I’ve learned hard work from Drama because it’s a lot to memorize stuff [lines, music, and dances], and I did not realize that my freshman year, but I obviously do now. I’ve learned determination because even though you don’t always get the role you want, you just have to go back out there and you do it again and you keep doing it. You learn and you get better and then eventually, you finally do get what you want. These have been vital to learn because I know I definitely want to act in the future. 

So, do you plan to use these skills in your field?

– Yes, definitely. I want to go to school for Musical Theater and I’m currently in that process right now. I’m actually filming some of my auditions today. Being part of drama and choir all these years have taught me a lot about what I want to do in college, which will help teach me about the industry. 

Do you have any suggestions for people who want to be a leader in what they are passionate about but don’t know how to get into that type of position?

– Just be responsible and if your club advisor needs help, give them help. If you notice people aren’t paying attention or don’t know something, tell them and help them. If you’re helping out and your teacher sees you’re really responsible and are doing everything to help other people, then you will be in the leadership position even if your teacher doesn’t put you in one because other people will respect you. It’s all about respect!

Perfect! Random question: I know that you love reading, so what is your favorite book or what book immediately comes to mind?

– I don’t really have a favorite, but one book that comes to mind is called Flight Season. I was trying to buy it, but Barnes and Noble didn’t have a physical copy and it was only accessible on a Nook, and I don’t have a Nook. Nonetheless, it was a really fun book! I’m currently reading a really good book which I recommended to you because you know, we both love to read! 

Congratulations to Paige for this wonderful achievement, and good luck with all of your college and career endeavors! 

Here’s what Mrs. Richardson and Ms. Robbins, Patriot Players co-directors, had to say about Paige:

“Paige is truly an exceptional member of our club. Not only is she always prepared and professional, but she has also been going above and beyond to help the whole cast prepare for our upcoming performance of All Together Now. She is an exceedingly talented musician and has volunteered to do the musical direction for the show. That means she breaks down all the vocal parts, assigns them to the cast members, and teaches each song. She’s also mastered the use of our rehearsal music apps and has showed the entire cast how to use them to access their vocal parts. She has dedicated so much time and effort into this show – while preparing for her college auditions. She’s truly remarkable!”