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Sarah Orenski, Bowling

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Name: Sarah Orenski

Grade: 11th

Sport: Bowling


How long have you been playing?

I have been bowling since I was about 4 or 5.


How did you start playing?

My sister joined a league  that ended up being a Saturday morning thing that i went along too and I fell in love with it. My dad had also traveled around the world for bowling when I was little so i decided that i wanted to join as well.


Do you want to play in college and or, do you know what school you’re attending?

I do not know what school i’m attending but i definitely want to play in college because there is a lot of scholarship involved.


Do you play any other sports?

I used to play soccer, but I gave it up before high school to get more involved with bowling.


Do you play outside of school?

Yes, I participate in a league outside of school.


Do you like playing in school or outside of school better?

I would say inside of school because it is more of a team atmosphere and it is something that not many states or schools offer, so we are lucky to have it.


What was the hardest thing to learn about the sport?

I would say that the hardest thing about bowling is your mental game, because if you make a few bad shots or make a good one and don’t get the result that you want, it can mess you up.


What is your favorite thing about the sport?

I would say that my favorite thing would be the team atmosphere and the excitement of your teammates and other winners as well.


What was your greatest achievement in the sport?

I would either say winning states or being on TV last summer with a nationals team would be my greatest accomplishments.


What was the greatest moment you had during the season?

I would say that states were our best accomplishment, because we got in, had faith, and were actually able to win which was a great accomplishment for us.


How do you stay in shape?

I just practice often and go to the gym occasionally as well.


Is it hard for you to balance school and bowling?

I definitely say that sometimes it is, however you just have to time manage and try your best to get all of your work done.


Do you ever think about going pro?

I probably would accept the opportunity if I was given it, because I would like to try it out.


Do you have any before game superstitions or rituals?

Basically just hanging with the team, and we normally bast my speaker on the bus.


How are the season stats so far?

States are over, but we won so….



> Finished 6th in Tournament of Champions after bowling the second highest series at the sectional tournament.

> Bowled a 209 average (3rd in the entire Shore Conference)

> Highest Individual Game at Monmouth County Championships

> Qualified for Individual Shore Conference Tournament



> Helped lead team to three championships:

o Group 3 Championship (1st in school history)

o Divisional Championship (3rd consecutive)

o Monmouth County Championship (2nd consecutive)

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Sarah Orenski, Bowling