Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Movie Bags

Autumn Cataldo, Editor

As the holiday season approaches, so does cram-time as people try to find the perfect last minute gifts. Whether for a friend, a neighbor, teacher or even a Secret Santa gift exchange; there are plenty of gifts that show that you care without having to spend a lot. One example would a gift basket or bag full of movie related items.

The bulk of the gift would be a movie on dvd that the person would enjoy or if unsure, a giftcard to the movie theatres would work just as well. Then, the gift is surrounded by candies for them to snack on while watching the movie. Oh and how could you forget popcorn, an essential for any good movie night!

Also, if you wanted to add a little something else, there are items to be added to the gift to enhance the cozy feel a person may want while watching a movie this winter. Fuzzy socks, blankets, pajamas and onesies are all things a person will enjoy while keeping warm during their movie.

No matter who it’s for, a movie gift basket is a quick and easy idea left with tons of room to personalize and either be as general or specific towards the person as you would like.

Good luck with all last minute shopping and have a happy and safe holiday break!