Senior Spotlight: Danny Scerbo

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Senior Spotlight: Danny Scerbo

Lindsey Golotko, Editor-in-Chief

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LG: Describe your experience so far at FTHS.

So far, I am very grateful for my experience at FTHS because I have been given the opportunity to make so many new friends and break out of my shell. When I first started in freshman year, I was very shy and was scared to open up to people, but over the past four years, I have gotten along well with my peers and we’ve all become so close. Now that I’m a senior I’m starting to get sentimental thinking about what my future holds, but I will certainly never forget the friends I made in FTHS.


LG:  When did you truly feel apart of the Freehold Township family?

You can really feel the school spirit at the football games every year. Standing up on the bleachers surrounded by our school colors really makes me feel included and apart of the Township family. I will always cherish the fun memories at these games.


LG: What is the best memory you have at FTHS?

The best memories I have at FTHS are from getting to put on plays and musicals with the Drama club every year. The Drama club is unlike any other club in that it truly feels like a family. I never feel uncomfortable or self-conscious around my Drama friends, and I always enjoy every second of working with them. If there is one thing I will miss the most from FTHS, it would be the Drama club family.

Make sure to come support the Fall play “Boeing Boeing” on November 2, 4, and 5!


LG: What activities are you involved in? How have these impacted your life?

Besides Drama, I am involved in Chorus, Lead For Diversity, Peer Leadership, and National Honor Society. These clubs have not only allowed me to make new friends, but they have also taught me how to be a better leader and how to be an active member in society. These clubs have also kept me busy for the past four years, so I am very glad I decided to participate in them.


LG: What passion have you discovered while in high school?

While in high school, I discovered my passion for writing music. Previously, I wanted to pursue a career in acting, but I realized how much more I loved music when I started writing songs to help me through hard times. For example, last year I was battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which greatly impacted my high school career since I was out of school for so many months. Instead of letting my sadness take over, I worked very hard to maintain good grades and I constantly wrote songs to help me cope. I now hope to major in Music Recording & Technology in college, pursuing a career as a music producer!


LG: Describe your music career.

In my sophomore year, I wrote and produced my first 3-song EP called “Moving On” and uploaded it on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and more. It was a very big accomplishment for me since I had never shared any of my songs before. Recently, I wrote and recorded a second 5-song EP called “Superstar,” which is on music sharing websites, as well. I’ve been performing local shows with my band and promoting my music as much as I can, and I was even interviewed for New Jersey 101.5 not too long ago! I hope to gain experience and credentials for when I go to college for Music Technology next year.


LG: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

My biggest advice to underclassmen would be to get involved in clubs or sports. These extracurricular activities are where you will make some of your closest friends, and this is how you make the most of your high school career. Also, I would advise not to be worried about what other people are thinking about you because you are your best self when you are the most genuine, so don’t change to please others! And most importantly, study and make good grades because that is how you will determine your future!

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