Student Profile: Daphne Lombardi

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Student Profile: Daphne Lombardi

Lindsey Golotko, Editor-in-Chief

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Name: Daphne Lombardi

Grade: 12


How does it feel to be a senior?

So far, being a senior is both exciting and overwhelming.  As a peer leader, I have already taken part in various school activities such as freshman kick off, back to school night, and soon the Alzheimer’s Walk on September 23rd with my classmates.  On the other hand, applying for colleges and awaiting responses has been a very busy process.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m looking forward to my swim season this year.  I love my team and the time I get to spend with them.  I wouldn’t want to wake up and swim at 4:00 in the morning with anyone else!


What is your favorite class you have taken here at FTHS?

My favorite class I took would have to be Creative Foods with Mrs. Arnold.  Almost everyday, we got to try cooking our own recipes and even better, eat them afterwards.   


What is your biggest regret involving high school?

My biggest regret was not trying a sport every season.  I used to do cross country in the fall and swim in the winter, but now going into my senior year I’m just swimming.  My hope though is to tryout for the golf team in the spring.  I’ve been practicing with my dad every week and I cannot wait to tryout for the team!!!


What is the best memory you have at FTHS?

Overall, my favorite memories at FTHS include the amazing friends I have made here.  I was able to meet most of my friends through sports teams and others through classes.  I will always cherish the friendships I made in high school.        


What advice do you have for underclassmen that are still getting used to FTHS?

Hang out with the people who make you happy.  There is a lot of work in high school that can stress you out or make you upset, but by being surrounded with good friends you’re more than likely to succeed in those challenges.  


What teacher has influenced you the most throughout high school?

Ms. Bott has made a huge impact on my life both as a coach and as a teacher.  Freshman year I had Ms. Bott for Digital Media, she has been my swim coach since sophomore year, and I am currently enrolled in her AP Computer Science Principles class.  She has definitely helped and seen me grow throughout high school.  


If you could thank one friend or family member for helping you get through high school who would it be?

My best friend Shannon, who goes to St. John Vianney, has always been the person I could go to no matter what.  I have known her since pre-school and we have grown up together attached at the hip.  Even though I couldn’t see her everyday, she was always there to talk to me on the phone if I had troubles.  Somehow we’ve managed to remain as close as sisters throughout these 4 years and I know our friendship will last forever.    


What are you going to miss most about FTHS?

I am going to miss all the crazy, unique events FTHS puts together.  Mr. FTHS, BOTC, Senior for Hire, and Prom are just some of the activities that inspire students to get involved and show school spirit.   


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