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15 Perfect Snow-Day Movies

Autumn Cataldo, Editor

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Some of the best days of the school year are the days when you wake up to see the snow on the ground and the notification that school is cancelled. No more worrying about the homework you didn’t even do or attempting to cram studying in for a test that day, the day becomes yours. You can spend it eating, playing games with family, outside in the snow; practically just relaxing. A snow day spent inside all warm and cozy watching movies is always a guaranteed quality day. But, if you end up unsure as to what movies you could watch, here is a list of 15 classic and lovable movies to binge on your snow day.


Snow day 
This movie takes place in a town in upstate New York who had gotten hit with a pretty nasty snow storm and a group of elementary school kids want nothing more than for schools to stay closed. They will even go as far as trying to stop a mechanical snow plow from getting its job done.


Home Alone 
When his own family by accidently forgot little 8 year old kevin home for their Christmas vacation, he had the whole house to himself. He finds himself in a major situation with some trouble when burglars find their way inside. It is completely up to him to get rid of them and he uses some pretty unique tactics to defend himself and his house.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 
When Ferris finds the opportunity to have a day off, he goes to all extents to pull off skipping school. Nothing stops him from having a “sick day” that he’ll never forget.


Ice Age 
During the ice age, a saber-tooth tiger, a sloth, and a woolly mammoth go on a journey to find a lost human infant. Along the way of trying to return him home, they go through some ups and downs.


Wizard of Oz 
Unexpectedly, Dorothy is swept away in a tornado from her home in Kansas to the land of Oz. She goes on a mission and meets new friends along the way, searching for the Wizard who she finds out is the only one who can help her and her friends.


Breakfast Club 
A Saturday detention like no other is experienced by a group of high school students. A group of kids who would have never even interacted with one another if it weren’t for this detention, not only learn a lot about each other but themselves as well.


Matilda, not your typical little girl, doesn’t fit in at her home because of both her high level of intelligence and her good-hearted personality. But, her teacher helps her out of trouble not only at home, but with the nasty school principal as well.


Board games are fun and all, until they turn out to be magical board games. Magical board games that hold a trapped man and dangers that must be defeated. Playing a game like this, leads two kids to the biggest task they have ever faced.


Due to new owners of their house, a ghost couple decides to mess around with the new people in order to have them move right back out.


Back to the Future 

Time travel isn’t just a fantasized idea in this movie. A 17 year old high school student manages to somehow get sent 30 years backwards in a time machine and discovers many truths about the world of time travel.


The Sandlot
No better way to bond as a new kid in town than joining the neighborhood baseball team. This group of young boys practice hard to win games, beat their rivals, kiss lifeguards and run for their lives from a vicious dog.


Opposites really do attract when two teenagers have a summer fling only to find out they start the next school semester at the same school and one is a goody goody yet the other is a typical bad boy.  


Surf‘s Up 
You have probably heard of surfing championships but have you ever heard of the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship? It’s newest participant, Cody Maverick, is ready to show everyone what he’s got.


Groundhog Day 
A typical career as a weatherman never had Phil Connors think he would end up living the same exact day over and over.


A small-time boxer is given the chance of a lifetime when he finds out he can fight a heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Now is the chance for all of his hard work to pay off.


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15 Perfect Snow-Day Movies