What We Want from Stranger Things, Season 2

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What We Want from Stranger Things, Season 2

Deryn Rose

Deryn Rose

Deryn Rose

Deryn Younger, Staff Writer

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It’s probably safe to say that all Stranger Things fans who tuned into the Super Bowl last week were in for quite a surprise. No, it wasn’t the Patriots’ amazing comeback – it was the teaser for season two of Stranger Things!

If you’re anything like me, you probably screamed – whether it be a little or a lot – and ran to the TV to rewind and watch the commercial all over again to take everything in. But what exactly are the fans of this gigantic Netflix show to expect this Halloween when the new season airs?

While bits and pieces of the overall plot have been revealed by The Duffer Brothers, the creators of said show, there are still many things left unknown. Here are a few of the things that were already disclosed by the masterminds behind the series.

*NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven’t watched season one yet, I wouldn’t read this!*


  • Will Byers, the missing child who was desperately trying to be found throughout all of season one, is back and with the rest of his friends – Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. Will is most likely in a great deal of unexpected trouble now, seeing as though at the end of season one he coughed up a piece of the Demogorgon monster. Who knows what troubles will arise from this and where it will take him?
  • Two new characters are confirmed to be in the show as well! Their names are Max and Billy – brother and sister – and are the new kids in town. Max is said to play the love interest of both Dustin and Lucas, so it should be fun to see in which direction that goes. Billy, on the other hand, is a quiet and somewhat reclusive child, so he may either play a minor role in the show or end up being an important character!
  • Joyce Byers, Will’s mother, is said to be on the dating scene since… who knows when? She is most likely doing this to comfort both Will and his older brother Johnathan, and is trying to make things a bit more stable by having a father-like figure in the house. Will the boys like this change? To be revealed…


Keeping in mind all of these confirmed points and ideas, it is also important to think of what could happen that the creators aren’t telling the fans. What could be in store for the characters and the overall plot of season two?

  • First off, where the heck is Eleven? We all know that she sacrificed herself to save Mike and his friends and to get Will back, but is she ever going to come back herself? It is very likely that she will – fans love her! – considering that she was at the table read for the script of season two.
  • The Demogorgon is definitely going to be back. As seen in the ad, there is a creature seemingly looming above a red sky… could this be it?
  • How are Nancy and Johnathan doing? They’re obviously troubled by their past and the events of season one, so how will their relationship end up working out? Do they plan to team up again?
  • Speaking of Nancy, where on earth is Barb? Ever since her disappearance in season one – and what looked like her death towards the end of the season – fans have been demanding justice for her. Is she going to come back?
  • The rift to the Upside Down is still open and the company or factory that created it is still operating. Who knows what they’re up to and what they could be planning? Are there others in the Upside Down that still need saving? *cough* Barb *cough*


There are so many questions left to be answered; hopefully with this new season. One thing that is for sure: season two is happening, and it’s coming Halloween of this year! Skip trick or treating and stay home to watch season two of Stranger Things!