‘Cars 3’ is First of Disney-Pixar’s Planned Sequel’s to Release a Trailer

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‘Cars 3’ is First of Disney-Pixar’s Planned Sequel’s to Release a Trailer

Deryn Younger, Staff Writer

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On Monday, November 21st, Disney-Pixar released a teaser trailer for a movie coming next summer: Cars 3!

While some people believed that Cars 2 would be the final movie in the series, many others sought after a third addition to it. The excitement this randomly-released trailer brought ultimately made multiple memes and trending hashtags surface on social media.

In the trailer, the main “character”, Lightning McQueen, is seen to be racing when he suddenly crashes into the side of the track, and it cuts to a slow-motion view of him tumbling and completely damaged. Clearly, this movie – set to release in summer of 2017 – is going to be a big thing for not only young audiences, but for older ones as well who most likely saw the original in theatres.

Along with the hype of this trailer also brings the ideas of the new Disney-Pixar films, The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4. Since the original movies were released in 1995 and 2004 respectively, both of these movies can be considered some Disney classics. Surely everyone who is a Disney fan has seen both films, and is super excited for their sequels!

The Incredibles 2 is set to release on June 15, 2018 as of this article, while Toy Story 4 is to be released June 21, 2019. The Incredibles left off on a rather large cliffhanger, so it’s no surprise that there is a much-needed sequel to come in the future. On the other hand, Toy Story 3 seemed to have been completely wrapped up in a sweet ending with no sequel needed; so there definitely was a big shock when there was a release date given and an official announcement that it was being made!

Surely all three of these movies – all to come to theatres over the next three years – are going to draw in huge audiences, both young and old, to the movies. Not only are these movies going to be full of action and excitement, but will also bring back a lot of nostalgia and good memories from the original movies that fans missed so dearly.

There’s not yet a trailer for The Incredibles 2 or Toy Story 4, but you can watch the Cars 3 teaser trailer below!