Student Profile: Grace Ganz, Homecoming Queen


Tiffany Dente

Grace Ganze, homecoming queen, with Serge Jean-Charles, homecoming king

Lindsey Golotko, Senior Editor

Many girls dream of being a princess or queen when they are older. They fantasize about wearing a crown and doing the infamous wave that truly makes you royalty. While these thoughts often stay daydreams, for one lucky girl this fantasy became true on October 21st, 2016. Senior Grace Ganz was crowd Homecoming Queen and officially became royalty. Recently, the Patriot Press was able to sit down with her and talk about her journey to the crown.

PatPress: Hi Grace! Congratulations on Homecoming Queen! How were you nominated for Homecoming Queen? Who nominated you and were you ever on the ballot before?
Grace: I was nominated by Mr. Leahy through Student Government. This was my first year on the ballot.

PP: Did you campaign for yourself at all? Did you think a lot of people voted for you?
G: No, I did not campaign myself. I did not think going into it I would have won because I had lots of great completion.

PP: When you were at the Homecoming Dance and they announced the Senior Court, were you surprised when they called your name?
G: Yes, I was so surprised. All of the names on the ballot were such great girls inside and out.

PP: After the dance, did you believe you actually think you were going to win or did you believe someone else was going to win? What did you think about the other people in the court?
G: I would not have wanted anyone else standing beside me in the court. After the dance I was so happy that I was on the court I did not even think about winning.

img_2073PP: How were you feeling leading up to the game? Were you excited, nervous?
G: I was so excited all day in school with the pep rally and all the school spirit, but as Anthony was driving us around in the golf cart I started to get so nervous.

PP: When they called your name, what was running through your mind? Were you surprised?
G: When they called my name I had no words. I was speechless. As soon as the crowd started cheering I got so excited and realized this was really happening.

PP: How does being Homecoming Queen add to your Township experience? What would advice would you give to your younger self about Township?
G: Homecoming Queen makes me just love Freehold Township even more and opens my eyes to all the great people and teachers that fill this school. If I could tell my younger self something I would tell her to live everyday like its her last and that time goes by in the blink of an eye.

PP: What was your reaction was King was called?
G: When they called Serge’s name I was so happy for him. All I remember was him saying “I’ve never won anything before, I’m so happy.” That made me smile.