Erica’s Friday Playlist: 10/28/16

Erica Singh, Staff Writer

Hi! I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself before getting started. My name is Erica Singh. I’m a junior and I love music. I love listening to it, I love writing about it. I just like connecting with the vibes they give me. Every Friday, I am going to give you a playlist of all of my favorite songs I listen to, along with a description of them so you can learn about them. I hope this can get you into different genres of music or to start liking a certain band or artist. Here is my playlist, I hope you enjoy!


“Ode to Sleep” by Twenty One Pilots

This has been on repeat for awhile. I love this song because it’s not a typical song you’d hear on the radio. The lead singer of the band, Tyler Joseph, stated that the song IS Twenty One Pilots; it’s a five-minute song basically describing how they are. It’s a very deep and meaningful song that deals around mental health and dark thoughts that are harder to get over than it seems. Many people have different conspiracies on what the songs about, but Tyler has only confirmed one of them and that is that the song basically describes who the band is.


“03’ Adolescence” by J Cole

This song is basically a summary of Jermaine’s (J. Cole’s) life in one song. Throughout the song, he repeats the phrase, “who am I?” He repeats this because in the first verse he talks about how he he growing up uncertain and unconfident; once the hook of the song comes up, he wonders how he will find himself; and by the end of the song he finally comes to terms that he has indeed, found himself (which is where he is today).


“Your Gradation” by Modern Baseball

My close friend actually introduced me to this song and I immediately fell in love with every aspect of it. The lyrics are based around the idea of a toxic relationship and nobody knows what to do with the scraps left of it. The lead singer, Brendan Lukens, sings about how a girl broke his heart and he reminisces on their past relationship before it went downhill.

“Floral & Fading” by Pierce The Veil

This particular song has so much meaning to it that the lead singer of the band, Vic Fuentes, actually made a track-by-track description of what each song is about. This song is about his girlfriend being brutally attacked on social media and sometimes even in person. Vic stated how he couldn’t take the harassment toward his girlfriend so he wrote this song in response to the vicious words people would throw at her.


“Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus

I have liked this song for quite awhile now since some of the lyrics are relatable. The lead singer, Brendan B. Brown, explains how some children struggle with being accepted by their families because of the music they listen to.  He explains how his interest of AC/DC was not enjoyed by his family; his parents thought that just because he enjoyed different music taste, it meant he was a “devil worshipper,” which he said was not true at all.


“Man Down” by Rihanna

This very catchy and mellow song is a song explaining how a girl accidentally committed a murder in central station and she completely regrets it. After she has done this, she doesn’t know what to do with her life because she realizes her actions were terrible but essentially the damage is done and now there is nothing else to do. She cries for help in the song to her mother, asking for help or advice because she made a big mistake and now she finds it hard to continue with her life knowing her actions.


“Understand” by Shawn Mendes

This song explains how Shawn does not want to lose himself in the fame and the lights, he wants to stay true to himself. Within the song, Shawn explains how he woke up and his whole world was flipped and he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t slow anything down, he doesn’t want himself to change because of this fame which was newly introduced in his life, and he hopes and prays he will stay the same while being a superstar.