Haunted High School Scares Local Kids with Halloween Fun

Tiffany Dente and Deryn Younger

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On October 24th, Freehold Township High School was decorated in spooky decorations – and not for high-schoolers, but for kids! Haunted High School was tons of fun this year, and with strings of colorful lights along the walls, creepy adornments scattered around the school, and lots of candy in every room, the celebration did not disappoint! Various clubs were also in almost every room doing arts and crafts, such as GSA, JSA, HRC, and, of course, the art club – which gave face paints to all the little ones who showed up in their costumes. If you didn’t come this year, be sure to come next year with your younger sibling, or be part of a club that participates in it! You definitely don’t want to miss out.