Student Profile: Victoria Camassa

Ariana Ramos, Editor

Congratulations on Villanova! Tell us what it was like to sign with them for Lacrosse.

It was super lit to sign with nova. The part I’m most excited about is that I’m now officially a Wildcat and the songs from High School Musical finally apply to my life and nobody can yell at me for running around singing “WILDCATS EVERYWHERE PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR …” Etc.


How long have you been playing lacrosse, and how did you get into it?

I’ve been playing lax since I was a little fetus. I found a stick that fell off a tree and carried it around 24/7 day-in and day-out for 7 years straight; it never left my hands: I ate with it and slept with it and took it for walks and ever since then I knew I was born to play with sticks 🙂


How do you feel about leaving Township? thumbnail_20160602_174040

Jokes on you; I’m not leaving Township. I’m being held back for failing gym. Ask Withstanly if you don’t believe me.


What is your favorite memory at Township?

My favorite memory at Township is the time someone threw a chewed piece of gum at me in the hallway #blessup #stayclassyfreeholdtownship  Seriously tho [sic] I’m just blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people every day and I love getting to look forward to seeing them every day because we are all one big patriot family, even the mean teachers that are still trying to teach me stuff.


What is something that you could eat all day every day?

If I could eat anything all day every day it would be cotton candy. Not only for the superb nutritional value but it also gets me super pumped and I enjoy being super pumped because being super pumped is super lit yaknow what I’m sayin?


What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Finding Nemo because of the important life lessons that it teaches the youth of America that everyone should live by including “just keep swimming” and “fish are friends not food” even tho [sic] I really enjoy eating fish (please don’t tell Nemo or he’ll be mad at me). Side note: I’m super pumped for Finding Dory and I asked my mom to buy me Dory cupcake holders and she wouldn’t because they’re “unnecessary” and “I don’t bake cupcakes” and I sat in the store and cried but it’s okay because she’s still a really great person. (Mom, if your reading this I just wanna say hi and thank you for supporting me and getting me a pillow pet because that really changed my life)


Victoria and her BFF, Sara
Victoria and her BFF, Sara

Who is your best friend and why?

My best friend is Sara O’Malley because she doesn’t yell at me when I’m late for stuff and she puts up with my shenanigans. Also one time she bought me Chick Fil A when I forgot my wallet.


What are you most looking forward to this summer?

The thing I’m looking forward to most this summer is eating ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner and justifying it with the fact that I’m an adult and I can make these kind of adult-like decisions in this world. My other hobbies include playing Club Penguin with all the 8 year-olds of the world (I beat them in sled racing all the time) and lifting heavy things because Crossfit #gains


Tell us about your bad case of senioritis.

I think my case of senioritis can be explained with the fact that it took me several weeks to complete this interview (it’s not Ariana’s fault don’t yell at her) ( you can yell at her if you really want to).


When people say hi to you in the hallway, why do you scream at them to stop looking at you?

I like to yell at people to stop looking at me in the hallway even if they are not looking at me because I like to show people that I am the alpha dog and that I am not to be reckoned with especially by people being polite and saying hello because those are the people you have to look out for in this world.


Tell us about your obsession with giraffes.

I like giraffes because giraffes are the most majestic creatures in the world and being a majestic creature myself, I am drawn to admire other majestic creatures #giraffesrock