The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Truth: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

With all the hype surrounding the release of the new iPhones, we take a look and see if they're worth the hefty price.

The new iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 6 Plus are the talk of the town.

Apple Stock Images

The new iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 6 Plus are the talk of the town.

Jonny Kandell, Staff Writer

The Good: The iPhone 6

-At 4.7 inches, it is declared the largest iPhone in Apple existence (despite its BIG brother, the iPhone 6 Plus that measures in at 5.5 inches). I, for one, hold this phone and don’t think that it is too big. I believe that this phone’s size is right where it should be–  nothing more and nothing less.

-With last year’s iPhone

The new iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 6 Plus are the talk of the town.

Apple Stock Images
The new iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 6 Plus are the talk of the town.

5s, everybody was eager to try the Touch-ID feature on the phone. This design allowed users to program their fingerprints into the device, allowing people to unlock their iPhone without having to type in a passcode. Apple continues this fingerprint fad in their new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a brilliant and cool way to keep your phone secured and private.

-The iPhone 6/6 Plus comes in gold, space grey, and silver. These colors do not stray from Apple iPhone color stereotypes, but still serve their purpose of showcasing the phones as advanced and innovative.

-An even better camera has been added to the newest Apple phone, with tons of new innovative features and abilities. The slowing down and speeding up videos has been added to Apple’s belt loop since its release of the 5s, and has been further improved for use on the iPhone 6. The phone now captures video at 60 frames per second, a record compared to other phones. Image stabilization (the ability to take pictures/video of moving images without the hassle of blurriness) is another exciting feature on the new iPhone 6. It is super fun to play with, especially the slow motion!


The Bad: The iPhone 6 Plus

-The size of this phone is terrible for a teenager. I guarantee that dropping the phone on the floor could cause an earthquake. Many compare both phones to tablets, but I think that only the 6 Plus deserves to be put into that category. While the 6 Plus could have been worse (i.e., a larger size), let’s hope next year’s model isn’t any bigger.

-A lot of rumors have surfaced about the bending abilities of the iPhone 6, and I hope to put these rumors to rest. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are able to bend. Putting an extreme amount of force, 70 pounds on the 6 Plus and 120 pounds on the 6, is enough to give your phone scoliosis. At such a huge size, putting the 6 Plus in a pair of jeans can transform your smart phone into a disfigured piece of metal. The 6, while bendable, is much harder to destroy because it is smaller and designed smarter than the 6 Plus.

-Holding up the iPhone 6 Plus next to your ear feels like you are literally talking into a shoe. Seriously, the size of this thing is ridiculous. It is hard to keep a grip on it with one hand, actually making texting for a teenager a challenge!


The Ugly Truth:

-Everybody expected Apple to blow their minds with a new and unique product for the public. The company has dominated the technology industry for years, always being ahead of its time. In terms of the 6 Plus, I believe that Apple is no longer a catalyst for technological change and that the creation of the iPhone 6 Plus is not a technological wonder. Other phones out there are equal or superior than the iPhone 6 Plus. I was a person genuinely excited to get my hands on a new phone, but what I held at the Apple store was a copycat of Samsung’s Galaxy. This lead me to the iPhone 6, the other half of Apple’s new September launch. While I do not like that it has the home-button on the side of the device, no other negatives truly surface when using this phone. I like the design, the weight, and the size of the new phone that makes it pretty awesome. The iPhone 6 is a great deal, but the 6 Plus is too much to deal with.


What you should do:

If your contract is up, go and get the iPhone 6. It is worth the money and is definitely not an inconvenience to hold or have. The improved camera, design, and fun Touch ID makes this phone one for the record books. I sure love mine! Stay away from the 6 Plus; it is my opinion that we left the big cell phones in the 1980’s, not 2014.