Teacher Appreciation Week: Who is Your Favorite Teacher?


Giblin is great and his passion for the arts and theatre is awesome.” -Seth Kaliroff, junior

Negri because she makes the class fun and is really nice to everyone.” -Lindsey Ruderman, freshman

Jordan because she makes class fun and is so nice and fair.” -Carly Pearl, freshman

Galinski because she’s really funny and teaches in a great way. She is passionate about history and makes the class fun to be in.” -Emily Almeida, sophomore

DiGiuseppe because he’s a funny guy.” -Alex Fioretti, sophomore

Mrs. Rattien is such a nice lady who makes school very easy.” -Nick Coluccio, junior

Striffolino because she relates history to modern day events and her own life and makes teaching fun.” -Jonathan Bain, junior

Constintini because she is really funny, stylish, and a great teacher.” -Nelly Guillen, senior

Mr. Mehl because he keeps class entertaining.” Christian Davis, junior 

Mr. Leahy because he’s super funny and chill and makes class actually enjoyable.” -Lauren Parr, junior

Giblin because he is funny and makes class fun.” -Taylor Tobey, junior

Mrs. Kurczeki because she is the most understanding and fair teacher I have had.” -Reed Sullivan, junior

Mrs. Nolan, because she was incredibly funny and very kind.” -Erica Caleca

Mr. DiGiuseppe, this is because he is a quality teacher and helped me with my English learning. He was interesting and chose fun things to do.” -Andrew Landis, junior 

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Orlinsky because he is fun, crazy, and comedic.” -Thomas Haydu, junior 

Mr. Shine because he teaches the material while having a great attitude and maintaining a great atmosphere.” -Anthony Colabella, junior

“My favorite teacher is Ms. Galinski because she has taught me so much.”- Rory Frie, junior

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Shine because of his great mustache. He has an amazing bald head.” – Brian Keane, junior

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Richardson because she listens.” – Dat Troung