Student Profile: Peer Mentoring’s Mary Hicks

Lindsey Golotko, Editor

Name: Mary Hicks

Grade: 10


Can you explain what “Peer Mentors” is? What do you do, how often do you meet, etc.?

Peer Mentoring meets twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Peer Mentoring is held after school till 5. The peer mentors work with the PEP kids, each week we go to different places like Barnes and Noble, Mini Golf, and Bowling. It is a perfect opportunity for the PEP kids to make new friends and have a good time.


What inspired you to join this club? How long have you been involved with students who have special needs?

I have been doing Peer Mentoring since freshman year. I was interested because I plan to become a special needs teacher in the future. I have been working with special needs children since I was in 6th grade.


What has your involvement with the PEP students taught you? How have you been personally affected?

My involvement with Peer Mentoring taught me that I truly know what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to become a special needs teacher and spending the time with the students teaches me exactly how to do that.


What is your favorite part of being with the PEP kids so often?

My favorite part is being able to have a relationship with each of them and continue to be their friends for my time at FTHS. Having friendships with all of them makes my school experience more enjoyable and loving.


What effect do you, as a peer mentor, have on the PEP students? How have you molded their high school experience?

I believe that spending time with the PEP kids each week allows them to mold relationships with other people. Spending time with them every week shows them that they can depend on us and become comfortable around us. 
Do you see yourself continuing a path in college, or even a career, that involves special education?


Do you see yourself continuing a path in college, or even a career, that involves special education?

Yes, I definitely see myself continuing a path in special education. I will strive to be a special needs teacher or an occupational therapist.


Why should students join the “Peer Mentor” club? How is it a rewarding club?

Students should absolutely join this club if they have any interest in special education. Joining the club allows the students to see the fundamentals of a PEP kids’ classroom. Also, they get to make relationships with the students that they will have forever.


How can someone be involved in “Peer Mentors?” What traits do you have to have in order to succeed in this club?

Joining Peer Mentoring is easy and simple. At the beginning of each year we have one meeting to hand out the permission slip and from then on it is held every Wednesday and Thursday. It is important that you are respectful, patient, and friendly to be a part of the Peer Mentoring team. I highly recommend the club to all students.