Inside the Life of Allie Haggar


Karen Reyes, Writer

Last week, the Patriot Press recently interviewed the president of the Freehold Township FFA chapter, Allie Haggar. Many of you may know her as our 2015 FTHS Homecoming Queen, but she has participated in a lot of activities throughout her years in high school. Now, not only is she FFA president, but she is also drum major of our Marching Patriots, and a member of the National Honors Society and Cookies for Cause. We decided to ask her a couple questions to find out more before her reign comes to an end this coming June.


What was running through your mind as you were inaugurated as president (of the FFA)?

It was unreal. I was beyond excited for the next year. I thought of all the things my new teammates and I would do and how great this year would be! #FFyAy


As a senior, what has been your best experience in high school so far?

I would have to say that it would be winning Homecoming Queen. It was really nice to have all my friends and family there supporting me


What do you love most about being in the FFA?

That’s such a hard question! I can’t pick just one thing! I guess I’d say the friends and bonds you make within the program are the best. You meet as strangers in freshman year and now, four years later, you’re all really close friends. I’ve made good friends not only within my grade, but all the others as well.


Why did you want to be president of FFA?

The FFA is an amazing organization that I love being a part of. I wanted to be president so I could be an even more involved and inspire others to get involved.


What are you going to miss most about Township next year? (Don’t feel compelled to say me)

I’ll miss FFA, band, and all the people I’ve met over the last four years. But especially Karen Reyes *laughs*


What is your proudest accomplishment in the FFA?

My proudest accomplishment in the FFA would be winning Parliamentary Procedure CDE with my team. It was such a great experience and we even got the chance to qualify to go to compete at National Convention!


Has the FFA changed you as a person in any way?

The FFA has definitely changed me as a person! Going into freshman year, I was terribly afraid of public speaking. Then, I competed in the Creed Speaking CDE that requires you to recite the FFA Creed and answer questions about it. I may not have win the competition, but it was a personal victory. This was the first step to conquering my fear of public speaking. Another thing the FFA taught me is how to be a leader. You get to be in charge of planning and running things and go to leadership conferences. I think a large part of the person I am today is due to my time in the FFA.


What is it like being both drum major and FFA president?

It’s amazing but a lot of work. I don’t sleep anymore. It’s all good though because I love my FFAmily and my band family.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever heard?

I’m going with two because I can’t pick just one. The first one is “Don’t die wondering” from the movie The Way Way Back. I try to live life with this motto because it always reminds me to try new things and never give up an opportunity. The second piece of advice I like is to be “all in” with everything you do. At FFA State Convention past year, we had a speaker, Mr. Gian Paul Gonzalez. He was the one who gave the New York Giants the inspirational speech that led them to win the Super Bowl. He came to us, gave us all poker chips, and said to be all in with everything we do. Whatever you do, put 110 percent into it. I keep that poker chip in my FFA Jacket as a reminder to always be all in.


What is your favorite FFA activity and why?

My favorite FFA activity is State Convention. It’s a three day trip at Monmouth University where we compete with other FFA members around the state and honor the accomplishments that have been earned throughout the year. At convention, there is a dance and an ice cream social where we get to talk to people from around the state. It’s a really fun event and one I look forward to every year.


Is there anything else you want to say about yourself, or any advice you would want to give to other people in the program?

I would say take every opportunity that’s available and try everything. Meet as many people as you can and get involved.