Student Profile: Senior Culture Exchange Student Elvira “Ellie” Shekeeva


Mackenzie Kean, Staff Writer

Where did you live before coming to New Jersey?

Kyrgyzstan. It is a country in Central Asia. Everyone always asks me, “What is Kyrgyzstan?” It’s not a very popular country. I came here to represent my country and for a culture exchange.


What was your first impression of Freehold Township High School- students, teachers, general atmosphere?

At first, it was terrible for me, actually. The education system is very different. In my country, we stay with one class [for] eleven years. But, here, you have to go to other classes if you have different periods. You have to go out of class and find where [your next class] is and find [your] teacher and you have different classmates. It was very different for me. And at first, I [would think], “What am I doing here? I want to go home.” But, right now, I like it here. I just have to get used to it.


What do you like to do outside of school?

I was trying to [do] swimming, but it was really hard and I am trying [out] for the play, the musical. I’m in drama class. And I participated in concert- the choir concert. Also, I am a member of FCCLA.


How do you feel about ending your high school career at FTHS?

I am here for only one year and it’s really cool- especially since I am a senior here and I’ll be graduating here. But, I won’t be at graduation and I won’t be at prom because I have my own exams in my country- my own graduation exams. So, I have to go back and take the exams. But, I think it is much better here than there. Prom is on May 27th and I have to come back [on] May 25th


Are you planning on attending college after high school? If so, what is your dream school and why?

I don’t know. That’s a big question. I still don’t know. I want to be a movie producer, but my mom doesn’t want that. I really want to stay here for college, but I missed all of the due dates for applications. There is another college in my country called America University in Central Asia. Maybe I will apply there.


Welcome to FTHS, Elvira!