Viral Video of the Month: Otto, the Skateboarding Dog

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Viral Video of the Month: Otto, the Skateboarding Dog

Deryn Younger, Staff Writer

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This month’s “Viral Video of the Month” article goes to…

Otto the skateboarding English bulldog!

This adorable, wrinkly pup set a world record on November 12 in Lima, Peru, for “longest human tunnel traveled through by a skateboarding dog.”  That’s quite a title!

In the video, you can see the determination in Otto’s face to set the world record as he travels quickly through the long tunnel of humans.  Not wanting to hit anybody’s legs, you can see how Otto ducks and swivels to make sure he stays in a straight line.  Also, he uses his front leg to propel himself forward!  Sounds as if he’s got his routine down pat.


When he finally gets tired from all of that hard work, he steps off the skateboard, and everyone who participated began to cheer his name.  Resting in his owner’s arms, Otto graciously accepts his Guinness World Record plaque, his tongue flopping in the wind.

In the end, it turns out that Otto traveled through 30 people’s legs to achieve this world record.  Good job, Otto!

Witness the cuteness down below: