Fall’s Hottest New Music

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Fall’s Hottest New Music

Deryn Younger, Staff Writer

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Fall is in full swing, and nothing is better for the crisp fall days then hanging out with friends in front of a crackling firepit and listening to some great music.  Check out our selections for the best new music of the season.

  1. “Hello” by Adele

Just when we all thought that Adele would never return with a new, awesome song…here it is!  Adele’s new single, “Hello” was released on October 22nd and already has over thirty million views on YouTube.  It fits in with the other deep, sad songs that she has written before; and of course, she sings beautifully!  Take a listen to the song that everybody is talking about. 



  1. “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At the Disco

Once again, Panic! At the Disco doesn’t disappoint.  Their new song, “Emperor’s New Clothes” was released on October 21st on YouTube, and the music video for it is pretty creepy (right in time for Halloween)!  The song starts off with parts of a previous popular song they wrote called “This is Gospel” and then immediately takes off into their newest track.  It’s creepy, a little scary, but definitely catchy!   



  1. Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer

Almost every teenage girl’s favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, just dropped their new album, Sounds Good Feels Good, on October 23rd and their fans are freaking out over it.  The album consists of seventeen songs (found on the deluxe version), and includes two of many of their famous songs: “She’s Kinda Hot” and “Jet Black Heart.”  5SOS is the perfect mix of pop and punk rock, and their new album is definitely worth a listen.  

Album Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE59DNrx-aQ


  1. “Focus” by Ariana Grande

This song technically hasn’t debuted yet, despite all of the snippets on Ariana Grande’s Twitter, but it will be released on October 30th.  From what we can hear, the song is about girl power and feeling good, based off of the lyrics that she wrote and posted a picture of on Twitter. “I know what I came to do, and that ain’t gonna change; so go ahead and talk your talk, ‘cuz I won’t take the bait!”  In addition to the seemingly powerful lyrics, there is an ever-so-catchy saxophone / trumpet duet that makes everything tie together.  A snippet of “Focus” can be found in a perfume commercial for her new fragrance, Ari.  




  1. “Perfect” by One Direction

One Direction is making a comeback!  After one of their band members, Zayn Malik, left them for good, many people thought that they wouldn’t be able to make a new album or write another song ever again.  But here it is, and it’s called “Perfect,” released on October 20th.  This song mainly focuses on how they would be “perfect” for any girl, and would do anything to have her; and the music video is set in a hotel in New York, filmed in classic black and white.  The boys of One Direction have never looked better!   



  1. “Sorry” by Justin Bieber

Surely by now, we have all heard Justin Bieber’s new music, such as “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do You Mean?”  However, Justin’s newest single “Sorry” is just beginning to make its rounds across the Internet and the radio.  While there is no music video for the song yet, there is a dance video that was released on October 22nd.   



  1. “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE

The group DNCE is one of the lesser-known bands out there, but it might be more famous if we said that Joe Jonas was part of it– which, (spoiler!) he is.  The band consists of Joe Jonas as the lead singer (of course), JinJoo Lee on guitar, Cole Whittle on bass, and Jack Lawless on drums.  DNCE is a funk-pop/eclectic band that has one catchy song out already from the album called Cake by the Ocean, and it’s worth a listen!   



  1. “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King

Last but certainly not least is “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King.  Although the song was released five months ago, it’s beginning to become popular now.  Elle King is one of those singers that has a sort of deep and raspy voice that fits in really well with the kind of song that “Ex’s and Oh’s” is.  Filled with awesome drum beats and catchy lyrics, you should definitely listen to this!