Viral Video of the Week: Permanent Match Guy

Deryn Younger, Staff Writer

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With over nine million views, this week’s disastrous yet entertaining viral video has the Internet wondering how people can be so dumb.

A Japanese man was broadcasting himself from his bedroom, showing off his new gadget that he recently bought: a permanent match.  Unlike a regular match, this is a lighter, which also happens to have a built-in match that never wears out.


In the beginning of the video, the man is simply showing his lighter to the camera, trying to get it to work.  He dips the match stick into the lighter fluid, and attempts to make a flame on the side of the lighter.  After a couple of tries and demonstrations, he finally makes a big flame: apparently a lot bigger than he expected.


Along with the match, he accidentally sets the lighter on fire, and out of shock, drops it on the floor.  In order to deal with the lighter itself, he puts the burning match stick aside onto a plastic bag full of what looks like paper, sitting upon a cardboard box.  In a matter of seconds, the bag is in flames, and the clueless man tries to put it out with a couple of drops of water from his empty water bottle.


Then, as one would do in this situation, he takes the burning bag and puts it in the corner on a pile of blankets that are right next to some wooden closets.  Noticing that the fire is still burning, he attempts to put the fire out with a big cardboard box.  Pretty soon, an entire section of the room is on fire, and the man continues to come back with little bowls of water that take him a long time to get in order to extinguish the flames.


So if you are looking for the wrong way to put out a fire, this man is your guide!


Take a look for yourself: